A resort village
of aquatic bliss HOSHINOYA Bali

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Located in central Bali, the Ubud region is a living temple dedicated to Balinese culture,
home to traditional crafts and performing arts.
The sounds of the gamelan ring throughout a landscape adorned with artwork,
from tiny sculptures sitting on street corners to paintings that decorate dining establishments.
The heart of this temple is the jungle through which the sacred Pakerisan River runs
and in which HOSHINOYA Bali opened its doors on January 20th, 2017.

オブジェアイコン オブジェアイコン
Island of the gods Island of the gods

Island of the gods

Ninety percent of Balinese people are followers of Balinese Hinduism, a religion that merges elements of Hinduism and Indian Buddhism. Balinese Hinduism revolves around a philosophy--Tri Hita Karana--that says human happiness can only result from harmony between the human, the natural, and the supernatural. The people of Bali incorporate this philosophy into their daily lives, as well as their interactions with nature. Every day, they place roadside offerings to the gods; in the evenings, they dress in formal outfits to deliver offerings to their village temples. Meanwhile, the roads stay colorfully decorated year-round in preparation for Bali's many seasonal festivals. These practices create a peaceful mood that pervades the entire Ubud region.

聖なる水が湧き出る場所 聖なる水が湧き出る場所

A land fed by a holy spring

Tirta Empul, a temple located north of Ubud in the town of Tampaksiring, is famous for its holy spring water. It is said to purify, counteract poison, and ward off evil; legends also tell of gods who were brought back to life with the water after being killed by a demon lord. Near the spring, purification baths draw people from across Bali, who arrive daily to cleanse themselves and offer prayers to the gods.

聖なる川がもたらした美しい棚田 聖なる川がもたらした美しい棚田

Spectacular rice fields and ancient temples

The holy spring at Tirta Empul, as well as spring water from sacred Mt. Batur, feed into the Pakerisan River. All along the river are spectacular jungle landscapes that have been certified as World Heritage Sites. These sites are home to the subak, traditional Balinese irrigation systems that feature beautifully terraced rice fields. The Balinese Hindu worldview is inextricably entwined in the design of the subak which, centuries after they were built, continue to enrich Bali's rice fields, as well as the lives of the Balinese.

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HOSHINOYA Bali Opened January 20, 2017

HOSHINOYA Bali is nestled in a serene jungle location considered holy by the Balinese.
It is a place that both relaxes and invigorates with the quiet energy carried by the sacred Pakerisan River
as it winds past the majestic temples and spectacular rice terraces that grace the landscape.

  • A natural setting in which you can lose yourself A natural setting in which you can lose yourself ナンバー1 ナンバー1

    A natural setting in which you can lose yourself

    Deep inside a dense jungle that cascades down the slopes of a magnificent mountain range sits HOSHINOYA Bali, just a stone's throw away from the Pakerisan River. Inside the resort are elevated gazebos that blend in with the jungle they overlook. Here, guests will find relaxation in the chirping birds, the babbling water, and soothing breezes that waft in from the valley below. Watching the colors of the jungle change as the sun travels across the sky, guests may find themselves becoming one with this breathtaking natural setting.

    Yasukane Ito, General Manager of HOSHINOYA Bali Yasukane Ito, General Manager of HOSHINOYA Bali

    Yasukane Ito,
    General Manager of HOSHINOYA Bali

    Coastal Bali is tourism-oriented, but HOSHINOYA Bali flourishes beside the Pakerisan River in a vast jungle that is home to World Heritage Sites. We strive to incorporate and communicate the beauty of this natural setting through the services we provide.

  • Pools that redefine the resort experience Pools that redefine the resort experience ナンバー2 ナンバー2

    Pools that redefine the resort experience

    Three seventy-meter swimming pools stretch across the resort village, each designed to flow gently as if it was an ancient Balinese canal guiding water through the resort. Guests stay in villas that offer direct access to these pools via semi-private pool areas that are subtly set apart by water gardens. At any point in the day, guests may take a break from reading or other waterside activities to enjoy a soak just a few steps from their villas, in waters that change in temperature and color throughout the day. Watching the nighttime stars while floating on the surface of the water is a truly unforgettable experience.

    Hiroki Hasegawa, President of Studio On Site Hiroki Hasegawa, President of Studio On Site

    Hiroki Hasegawa,
    President of Studio On Site

    The resort is located on typical Balinese terrain--a flat tract of land that dips suddenly towards a river valley. We used this feature to create two distinct zones. The villas are situated on the flat part of the premises, while public spaces are set at the edge of the valley. We augmented the pools with carefully arranged water gardens to give the pools the appearance of naturally-occurring streams--a visual echo of the river valleys found in this part of Bali.

  • Villas that reflect the aesthetics of Ubud artisans Villas that reflect the aesthetics of Ubud artisans ナンバー3 ナンバー3

    Villas that reflect the aesthetics of Ubud artisans

    Ubud is an area of Bali that is famous for its art. In fact, it is considered an artist enclave due to the many Western artists who have moved to the island since the 1930s. The influence of Balinese art can be seen all throughout Ubud--including in the villas of HOSHINOYA Bali. The villas were constructed by master Ubud builders who have applied their knowledge of the local environment to create spaces that offer maximal comfort. Intricate carvings decorate the furniture and walls--the product of numerous local artists. Each carving is a singular work of art that features local plants and animals, emphasizing the importance of harmony between humans and nature.

    東環境 建築研究所 代表取締役 東利恵氏 東環境 建築研究所 代表取締役 東利恵氏

    Rie Azuma,
    President of Azuma Architect & Associates

    The villas that line the three pools at HOSHINOYA Bali meticulously balance Japanese spatial design with Balinese culture. Each villa features a terrace that provides spaces--such as poolside lounges and gazebos with thatched alang-alang roofs--that are tailor-made for enjoying Bali's temperate climate.

  • 日本の技を活かしたバリ料理 日本の技を活かしたバリ料理 ナンバー4 ナンバー4

    Balinese cuisine meets Japanese culinary techniques

    Bali is a treasure trove of natural spices, both foreign and indigenous. Combined with fresh ingredients from the hills and the seas--not to mention the rice grown in Ubud's famous terraces--these spices produce truly unique dishes. At HOSHINOYA Bali, guests are served multi-course meals consisting of Bali's culinary delights--but with flavors and presentations that are influenced by Japanese culinary techniques.

    Makoto Miyamaguchi, Executive Chef at HOSHINOYA Bali Makoto Miyamaguchi, Executive Chef at HOSHINOYA Bali

    Makoto Miyamaguchi,
    Executive Chef at HOSHINOYA Bali

    There are two qualities that define Balinese cuisine: the liberal use of spices--which also serve to preserve the food so the flavor and texture are not affected by the island's heat and humidity--and the fact that most dishes go well with rice, a quality also found in Japanese cuisine. At HOSHINOYA Bali, we use Balinese cuisine as a starting point to prepare dishes that incorporate an inventive mix of spices and just a touch of Japanese influence.

A more personal Bali experience A more personal Bali experience

A more personal Bali experience

At typical Western establishments, guest requests are often responded to with information that comes from a standardized manual rather than individual expertise. At HOSHINOYA, we strive to offer a more personal service that reflects the character and knowledge of the person providing it--a quality one can also find in traditional Japanese inns known as ryokan. In doing so, we hope to satisfy needs that even our guests may not be aware of. Our native Balinese staff are trained daily to discover hidden attractions in Ubud and other parts of Bali so they will always be ready to recommend something special to our guests.

A message from our CEO A message from our CEO

A message from our CEO

The greatest attraction of Ubud is the lifestyle one will find here, which is heavily influenced by Balinese Hinduism. This is why it is so important to me that our native Balinese staff learn to develop and provide their own unique services through which they can convey the charms of Bali--essentially, offering a Japanese ryokan-like experience. Only when this vision is realized can HOSHINOYA Bali stand out from the many hotels and resorts on this island to become the primary destination for guests looking for a genuinely Balinese luxury experience.

A message from our CEO A message from our CEO
A message from our CEO A message from our CEO
オブジェアイコン オブジェアイコン

Messages celebrating the charms of Bali

  • インドネシア共和国観光省 ビジットインドネシアツーリズムオフィス代表 成田 忠彦氏 インドネシア共和国観光省 ビジットインドネシアツーリズムオフィス代表 成田 忠彦氏

    Tadahiko Narita,Japan Manager,
    Visit Indonesia Tourism Office

    Bali remains popular because its traditional and contemporary elements coexist peacefully. Those in search of the former will find it in Ubud, where locals participate in vibrant festivals and rituals as they have for centuries. I invite visitors to observe the ceremonies dedicated to Hindu gods, enjoy Ubud's traditional performing arts, and participate in spa and yoga sessions that channel the spiritual energy that runs throughout the region.

  • トラベルジャーナリスト 寺田 直子氏 トラベルジャーナリスト 寺田 直子氏

    Naoko Terada,Travel Journalist,Producer,
    Blue Guide Wagamama Aruki: Bali

    There are two sides to Bali: the beaches with their young, urban vibe, and the dense, serene jungles of Ubud. Come rain or shine, the humidity in Ubud gives the landscape a beautiful sheen during the day, and the nights are absolutely stunning. The moon, the star-studded sky, and the dynamic silhouettes their light casts onto the jungle vegetation makes you feel as if you are watching the cosmos itself. There is no place more breathtaking in the world than Ubud.

  • ガルーダ・インドネシア航空 日本・韓国・アメリカ地区 総代表 フィクダネル  タウフィック氏 ガルーダ・インドネシア航空 日本・韓国・アメリカ地区 総代表 フィクダネル  タウフィック氏

    Fikdanel Taufik,Japan and Korea Region Coordinator,
    Garuda Indonesia

    Garuda Indonesia is the only airline offering direct flights from Narita and Kansai International Airports to Bali, one of the world's prime resort destinations. Skytrax has awarded us World's Best Cabin Crew for three years running and has certified us as a 5-Star Airline for the past two years. If you are traveling to Bali, I hope you will consider flying with Garuda Indonesia.