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募集サイトはこちら ※ご応募は海外国籍の方のみです。


昔の文化が残っていました。 I discovered tradition


I discovered that Japan has still preserved its ancient treasures – old culture: music, dance, dress code, monuments of architecture – beautiful castles and temples but at the same moment it is a very modern country. I was impressed how these two faces of Japan blend together so naturally, without losing harmony. It is especially visible in Tokyo, where you can find parts of the city that are so different yet still being part of one capital. It is even better if you go first to Tokyo and then to one of Japan’s precious Ryokans, where you can relax and go back in time.


奈良旅行 Trip to Nara


Trip to Nara will be the most memorable experience for me. I was impressed by this city. You could feel like you went back in time, to the past. Tōdai-ji temple is really astonishing. There are deer walking freely in Nara Park, that’s another reason why I liked this city so much. I think everyone visiting Japan should go to Nara. It used to be Japan’s capital long time ago, it makes this city even more unique.


お座敷遊び Ozashiki Asobi experience

13.05.2015-1一番忘れられないのは、お座敷遊びの体験です。このショーは、界 熱海 で企画されたものですが、素晴らしかったです。畳の部屋で繰り広げられるエンターテイメントを見ることができました。三味線奏者とゲームのショーです。人気はなくなったものの、今でも京都で行われていると聞きました。素晴らしい体験でした!パフォーマンスを楽しみました。伝統的かつ独特な見世物でした。

Ozashiki Asobi experience will stick with me the most. This show was organized in Kai Atami hotel and it was great. I could see how tatami room entertainment look like. There was musician who played on shamisen and the games. I was told that it’s not popular anymore, but still takes place in Kyoto. It was amazing experience! I enjoyed that performance. It was traditional and unique.


東京でリョウジに会いました。 I met Ryoji in Tokyo


I met Japanese guy whose name is Ryoji in Tokyo through another Polish friend. He invited me to his house for a dinner. Ryoji is educated, interesting and nice. He likes to travel, and whenever he has free time he goes somewhere. He is interested in foreign cultures but at the same time he knows a lot about Japan and he wants people who visit Japan to enjoy their time. We went to karaoke together and spent time playing games in Akihabara. He showed me interesting places in Tokyo and explained me some Japanese customs. I’m very thankful to him.



It was difficult to communicate with people in some places. I can’t speak Japanese and when I wanted to ask about something I had problems. Nowadays when we use smartphones we can easily find dictionary and check vocabulary so I think it’s changing and it will be easier to communicate in foreign language in few years. I found traveling by bus difficult also, because the timetables were in Japanese. When I wanted to go somewhere by bus I didn’t know at what time it would arrive. Good thing that I was asking people and they were helping me!



JR EAST PASSがとても使えました。JR東日本での移動は簡単でした。

Having JR EAST PASS was great. I could travel by JR-EAST trains easily.

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