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SINCE 1914


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A Wide Range of Activities

Enchanting activities await you at every
destination. Each is designed to immerse you in
regional culture through interactivity, sensory
delight, and a sense of play.

Japanese Tea Ceremony
A tea ceremony workshop to get a sense of traditional Japanese culture and hospitality. Enjoy matcha tasting and learn how to make your own cup of tea in the heart of Tokyo.
“Capture the autumn leaves” open rooftop bus tour
The two-story open rooftop bus will take you on a journey to capture the autumn leaves of the mountain range of Tochigi. Available at 3 KAI properties of Tochigi, join this refreshing bus tour.
Picchio | Nagano
Nature Watching Tour
One of Picchio’s signature tours, this is held in the pristine National Wild Bird Sanctuary Forest in Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, join our expert guides on a leisurely walk to observe seasonal nature. With a gentle pace and walking distance of just under 2km, this tour is suitable for people of all ages. Keep your eyes peeled for flowers, animal signs, birds and more!
Ecotour of a Natural World Heritage Site, Yanbaru
An ecotour program at yanbaru, which is the northern part of mainland Okinawa with abundant nature including mountains and the forest. This private ecotour program will invite guests to discover the charms of nature in Okinawa as well as the forest of Yanbaru, which was recently designated as a Natural World Heritage Site in July 2021. Yanbaru is one of the world's most precious forests with a variety of flora and fauna. Two types of ecotours will be available: a nature walk to explore the forest of Okinawa rail, a rare species of birds, and kayak adventure to discover the rich biodiversity of the mangrove forests.
Early Morning Canoeing
Enjoy basking in the natural beauty at the foot of Mount Fuji through this Early Morning Canoeing. Experience the magnificent views of the world-renowned icon of the cultural heritage of Japan, Mount Fuji.
OMO7 Osaka
OMO Dining Dinner
With the theme of expressing the true essence of the cuisine of Osaka, there are two types of dinner courses. Naniwa Neo Classic, based on French cuisine, incorporates ingredients familiarized by the locals and regional cuisine whilst Naniwa KUSHI Cuisine modern adaptation of kushikatsu (deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables), locals’ favorite food.
Private Yakata Boat “Hisui”
Private boating on a Yakata boat named "Hisui" (jade in English). An invitation to enjoy the seasonal views of Arashiyama, which was once loved by the nobles of the Heian period. The roof is equipped with special glass that can change its visibility from opaque to transparent. It provides a dynamic landscape that extends either horizontally or vertically. In addition, the interior incorporates the finest works of the craftsmanship of Kyoto, completing a private space that can only be experienced in Arashiyama with HOSHINOYA Kyoto. From 9 am to 5 pm, the boat can be chartered at any time of the day. Spend time freely, gazing into the surrounding nature with different expressions depending on the season and time. Feel the cool breeze with a book or matcha green tea in one hand.
Sky-high Morning Kenjutsu Practice
An original training routine that combines the movement of swordsmanship and deep breathing in the clear morning air, 160 meters above the ground on a rooftop. Muscles of the whole body will be used as one makes large movements of swordsmanship using a wooden sword. By performing these movements whilst being conscious of deep breaths, lung function can be stimulated and enhanced. Enjoy the views of Tokyo's skyline from the rooftop of a high-rise building to refresh the mind and body.

Latest News

November 25, 2022
Grand opening of KAI Unzen on November 25th, 2022
November 16, 2022
Grand opening of KAI Izumo and re-opening of KAI Tamatsukuri (formerly KAI Izumo) on November 16th, 2022  
October 25, 2022
First overseas RISONARE “Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Guam” rebrand opening in April 2023
October 21, 2022
Hoshino Resorts to be mentioned in costar.com
October 21, 2022
KAI Poroto to be selected as one of the world’s most beautiful hotels by Veranda
October 13, 2022
KAI Unzen scheduled to open on November 25th, 2022
October 13, 2022
HOSHINOYA Lodge Niseko (tentative) to open in Niseko Hirafu
October 12, 2022
HOSHINOYA Tokyo, KAI Poroto & KAI Yufuin to be featured on Robb Report
October 5, 2022
HOSHINOYA Tokyo to be selected in Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards 2022