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Dive head first into the culture of the place.

Every destination has its own unique traditions and ways of life. Our activities provide a way for you to experience these yourself and, perhaps, fall deeply in love with the place.

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OMO7 Osaka
Guided Tour: Deep dive into Shinsekai
Free guided tour of Shinsekai area
“Deep-breathing Regimen” 3-day 2-night Spa Program
The program aims to help participants develop healthy habits through activities that promote awareness of deep breathing, spa treatments and hot spring baths to warm the body, and healthy meals made with fermented foods and seasonal vegetables to bring balance to body and mind.
KAI’s Winter Cuisine – Japanese Multi-course Kaiseki Dinner
Japanese Auberge in Hot Spring Regions
“Nippon Cuisine” Afternoon Tea
A Modern Interpretation of the Traditional Tea Ceremony
OMO5 Kanazawa Katamachi
Mizuhiki Yoakari Cafe – Dreamy night-time cafe
Night-time cafe decorated with Kaga-mizuhiki, a local traditional craft decoration!
Private Yakata Boat “Hisui” to enjoy the beauty of Arashiyama
An elegant time surrounded by the seasonal views of the valleys of Arashiyama in Kyoto
Intimate Escape
Romantic night at Ubud's Enchanted Jungle Haven
OMO7 Osaka
“Naniwa Neo Classic” Dinner Course
An Innovative Buffet-Style Dinner Showcasing the Essence of Osaka
BEB5 Tsuchiura
Cherry Blossom Viewing + Water Cycling Event
Enjoy the Breathtaking View of Cherry Blossoms All to Yourself While Floating on the River
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