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Dive head first into the culture of the place.

Every destination has its own unique traditions and ways of life. Our activities provide a way for you to experience these yourself and, perhaps, fall deeply in love with the place.

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Oirase Keiryu Hotel
“Poisonous Mushroom Walk” 2024: A Glimpse into the Fascinating World of Toxic Fungi
Explore the world of poisonous mushrooms and map your discoveries on a unique interactive journey!
“Glamorous Grape Stay” – Indulge in Handpicked Grapes and Wines
Experience the flavors of Yamanashi with exquisite grapes and wines, followed by a relaxing grape bath after dinner
BEB5 Tsuchiura
Summer Sweet Trio of Shaved Ice – Prepared with the Top 3 Fruits of Ibaraki
Come and try our three different types of shaved ice with melon, sweet potato and blueberry
Goldfish Festival, a traditional Japanese summer surrounded by 350 Goldfish Neputa Lanterns
Enjoy the sweet sourness of apple and cassis with our Goldfish Nebuta shaved ice
OMO7 Osaka
PIKAPIKA NIGHT: Enjoying Night at Osaka
Free Night Event for Hotel Guests
Oirase Keiryu Hotel
Power Charge in the National Park of Aomori
A refreshing wellness program "Oirase Fresh Green Morning Stay"
Picchio | Nagano
Flying Squirrel Watching Tour
A tour to observe Japanese giant flying squirrels in the wild and to learn about their ecology
A Full-course Meal Focused on Nourishing Power of Food for Health and Beauty
“Ryukyu Gastronomia ー Bellezza”
Traditional craft of “Bingata” and Okinawa’s rich nature stay package
Ryukyu Bingata Stay
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