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KAI Tamatsukuri

Nighttime Rickshaw Tour of Cherry Blossoms

The hot spring ryokan “Hoshino Resorts KAI Tamatsukuri,” where all rooms feature outdoor baths, located in Shimane Prefecture, is launching the “Nighttime Rickshaw Tour of Yozakura (nighttime cherry blossom viewing)” event, whereby guests can enjoy the cherry blossoms which flower along the Tamayu River, from April 1st to the 7th, 2023.
The Tamayu River, which flows in front of KAI Tamatsukuri, is known as one of the best spots for cherry blossom viewing in Shimane Prefecture, with 400 trees blooming with flowers across 2 kilometers, on both sides of the river, in spring. In order to provide an extraordinary cherry blossoming viewing experience, we will be operating customized rickshaw tours after sunset. This activity will provide guests with a fantastic, magical view of the cherry blossoms, illuminated after dark.


1Admire the beauty of yozakura in customized rickshaws

We are operating a rickshaw tour  where guests can enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms at night in an event that is the only one of its kind in this area (a limit of 2 groups per day). With added cushioning in the seat area, we dedicated ourselves to building a rickshaw ride that delivered great comfort. As a result, guests can relax and enjoy an approximately hour-long tour through the hot spring district, and experience the magic of the nighttime cherry blossoms. Enjoy a special moment in a comfortable rickshaw, one that can only be experienced in spring.

2Warm yourself while touring the yozakura

During this season, it can get chilly at night. So we’ve prepared hot-water bottles filled with hot spring water, and blankets, so guests can stay warm while touring the yozakura. Guests can enjoy the nighttime cherry blossoms to their hearts’ content, while gradually warming their bodies to the core with the gentle warmth of the hot spring waters.

3Viewing support by the KAI staff, expert knowledge of Tamatsukuri Onsen

Guests will be guided to the best yozakura viewing spots, courtesy of information and knowledge particular to the KAI staff. For example, take a moment to rest by sitting along the river banks at a prime viewing spot, while we serve you hot sakura tea (cherry blossom tea) and Japanese confectioneries shaped with cherry blossom designs. Our staff will also help you take photos to capture the precious memories of your trip, at locations where illuminated cherry blossoms in full bloom are right there before your very eyes to view.

April 1st, 2023 - April 7th, 2023
First group begins at 6:30 pm / Second group begins at 8:00 pm
¥8,000 (tax included) per group; maximum two persons per group
Accepted via customized web page up to seven days before stay date
Event will be cancelled during rainy weather