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Admire the Cherry Blossoms on a Private Boat by Oyoko River

HOSHINOYA offers unparalleled extraordinary experiences, with each branch having its own theme. The tower of ryokan, HOSHINOYA Tokyo in Otemachi, Tokyo, will hold the "Hanami Boat on a Spring Day" from March 25th to April 10th, 2024. This hanami (flower viewing) activity will take guests on a boat ride on a bright spring day amid the breathtaking view of the cherry blossoms. Guests can enjoy a quiet and relaxing boat ride while gazing at the rows of cherry trees blooming along both banks of the Oyoko River. This activity provides an opportunity to experience an elegant boat ride with special hanami seats and is limited to one pair per day.

Edo (now Tokyo) flourished as a water capital with advanced water transport for goods and people. It was a bustling city, where wholesalers and markets gathered in the center of the waterway, with restaurants spreading out in the surrounding area. The people at the time found much to enjoy by the water. One such activity is boating, where people would enjoy the rich waterside scenery of the four seasons on a boat. HOSHINOYA Tokyo developed this activity to provide a luxurious springtime experience away from the daily routine through a hanami boat ride, following the culture and traditions of the Edo period.


1“Hanamiju”, an Original Multi-Layered Box Lunch

It is believed that people in the Edo period brought lunch boxes and sake cups with them when they went flower viewing, enjoying seasonal delicacies and sake together with the blooming flowers

This activity features the Hanamiju, HOSHINOYA Tokyo’s original multi-layered box lunch containing spring ingredients such as sea bream, bamboo shoots, and udo herbs. It is in a container that people used in the Edo period when they went out for pleasure, housing stacked boxes, plates, and sake utensils such as sake containers and cups in an outer box with a handle. The “Hanamiju”, or field bento, is believed to have been very helpful during seasonal excursions.

2Hanami Seats with an Elegant View of the Cherry Blossoms

The private boat is complete with special hanami sofa seats similar to day beds, allowing guests to stretch out, relax, and enjoy the elegance of the cherry blossoms. Guests can lie down and look above to see the blue sky and cherry blossoms in full bloom spreading out, allowing them to enjoy an elegant hanami experience in a private space away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

3A Unique Course with a Spectacular View of the Cherry Blossoms

The boat departs from the pier at Nihonbashi, the starting point of the Edo Five Routes, and proceeds along the Sumida River, a hanami hotspot during the Edo era, and finally to the Oyoko River. Guests can experience the breathtaking view of the Somei-Yoshino cherry trees lining the banks of the several-hundred-meter-long Oyoko River, along with the flowers’ reflections on the water, and enjoy the changing scenery of cherry blossoms while feeling the gentle spring breeze in the open-air plaza seats. A guide from the boat operator, Riverboat Mizuha, will also join the cruise to talk about the tourist attractions and the surrounding area’s history, including its bridges and towns.

March 25th to April 10th, 2024
12 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. (90-minute boat ride)
1 pair per day (2 people)
¥140,000 per pair (incl. tax) *Accommodation fee not included
Price includes
Private cruise, Hanamiju (lunch box), sake
Book reservations on the official site at least 14 days in advance.
Guests staying at HOSHINOYA Tokyo
Schedule and contents are subject to change depending on circumstances. Guests may not see the cherry blossoms depending on their flowering. Transportation to the pier is not included in the fee.