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The Peach Blossom Glamping Lunch at Fuji

HOSHINOYA Fuji, Japan's first glamping resort, will host the Peach Blossom Glamping Lunch from March 20 to April 10, 2024. Limited to one group (2 to 3 pax) per day, this exclusive package allows you to savor a divine lunch with sweeping views of the blossoming peach trees.
Yamanashi Prefecture's climate is ideal for fruit cultivation; thus, a diverse range of fruits are produced here.
Notably, Fuefuki City in Yamanashi is Japan's top peach-producing region, with a total harvest of 23,000 tons annually(*1). Unlike cherry blossoms that bloom at the tips of branches, commercial peach trees bear flowers on the entire branch, creating a vibrant and ornate display. We collaborated with "Takaramomo Orchard" in Fuefuki City to develop this plan, aiming to convey the distinct beauty of peach blossoms exclusive to this region. With the prime seat offering stunning views of the peach orchard all to yourself, you will savor an exquisite lunch crafted together with our Glamping Master. We have also prepared a walking tour to the lunch venue, allowing you to immerse yourself in the heavenly scenery of the blossoming 300,000 peach trees in the orchard, available only in early spring.

*1: Fuefuki City Official Website


1Savoring Lunch Crafted with our Glamping Master

While enjoying breathtaking views of the peach trees, you will indulge in a culinary journey featuring dishes and wine pairings crafted by our Glamping Master. Using Dutch ovens and smokers for camping, you will be presented with dishes abundantly infused with the blessings of the peach trees. Delight in the rich aroma and flavor of peaches in soups and desserts. For the main course, relish savory beef enhanced by a mustard-infused sauce. Unripe peaches, pruned to ensure quality harvests, are simmered into a refreshing compote and paired with ricotta cheese for a delightful treat. You will also enjoy trout smoked with peach wood chips, adding an extra layer of flavor.


Sample Menu:
Amuse-Bouche: Green Peach Compote with Ricotta Cheese
Appetizer: Smoked Trout with Spring Vegetable Gargouille
Soup: Chilled Peach Soup
Main Course: Grilled Beef with Peach Mustard Sauce
Dessert: Peach Parfait with a Touch of Lemon Zest

2Dining Amidst Blooming Peach Blossoms

Set amidst a peach orchard in Fuefuki City, typically closed to the public, this plan offers a private dining space where you are treated to an intimate view of the peach blossoms. Enjoy the unique and mesmerizing scenery of peach blossoms and the Southern Alps in the distance, a scenery exclusive to early spring. Delight in a leisurely dining experience with handcrafted dishes and wine pairings as you immerse yourself in the allure of the peach blossoms.

3 Delight in Sweeping Views of the Peach Paradise

The premium dining space in the peach orchard is enveloped by about 300,000 peach trees lining the ridges, transforming the landscape into a peach-colored spectacle when spring arrives. The pruned trees provide a close-up view of the peach blossoms, perfect for a heavenly stroll. On the way to the exclusive dining space, you will be guided along a specially designed ‘hanami’ route on foot or with electric-assist bicycles.

Comment from Toshihiko Horii, Representative of Takaramomo Orchard:
“We believe that beautiful scenery yields delicious peaches. Similar to how pristine streams provide lovely fish, beautiful and nutrient-rich landscapes foster the growth of delicious peaches. Experience the spectacular carnival of peach blossoms, which heralds a bountiful harvest, and the mesmerizing scenery that nurtures juicy peaches.”

March 20th to April 10th, 2024
¥40,000 per person (incl. tax and service charges) *transportation and accommodation fees not included
Price includes
Exclusive dining space, full-course lunch, wine pairings, guided tour of the unique 'hanami' route, and rental of electric-assist bicycles
Takaramomo Orchard (Peach orchard in Fuefuki City)
10:00 AM to 3:30 PM
One group (2-3 persons) per day
Through the official website up to two weeks in advance
In case of rain, the event may be canceled.
The blossoming period may vary depending on weather conditions.
The lunch offerings are subject to change without prior notice.