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Sky-high Morning Kenjutsu Practice

An original training routine that combines the movement of swordsmanship and deep breathing in the clear morning air, 160 meters above the ground on a rooftop. Muscles of the whole body will be used as one makes large movements of swordsmanship using a wooden sword. By performing these movements whilst being conscious of deep breaths, lung function can be stimulated and enhanced. Enjoy the views of Tokyo's skyline from the rooftop of a high-rise building to refresh the mind and body.


1Morning exercise hosted at a place of history

The area of Otemachi, where HOSHINOYA Tokyo is located, is now an office district full of high-rise buildings, but during the Edo period, there were many samurai residences since it was close to Edo Castle, which is now known as the Imperial Palace. There used to be three main dojo (a place of practice) for swordsmen, in the town of Edo called “Edo Sandaidojo” that produced many swordsmen in the last days of the Edo period, and so, swordsmanship training was actively practiced.

2Original training routine combining swordsmanship and deep breathing

The master of the swordsmanship school “Hokushin Ittoryu” Geki Kenkai, which used to have a dojo in Kanda, Edo, is the supervisor of this original program, combining the movement of swordsmanship and deep breathing. First, participants will learn the basic movements of swordsmanship such as how to hold a wooden sword and how to move their legs, and then, the practice will begin. Muscles of the whole body will be moved whilst relieving stiffness caused by daily tension and stress.

3A superb view of Tokyo in the clear morning air

The area of Otemachi, where there used to be mansions of feudal lords, is now an office district lined with high-rise buildings. This activity will be held on the roof of a high-rise building 160 meters above ground near HOSHINOYA Tokyo, with no buildings or fences obstructing the view. In the distance, Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro can be seen as well as Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower, which are the symbols of modern Tokyo. Participants can feel refreshed by practicing in the clear morning air with the views of Tokyo.

All Year
6:45 am to 7:45 am
Free of charge
Required at the front desk by 9 pm a day in advance
6 people
・Open to guests staying at HOSHINOYA Tokyo
・Canceled on rainy days. In addition, the schedule and contents of the activity may be subject to change depending on the weather condition of the previous day.