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Digital Detox Stay at HOSHINOYA Tokyo

Our digital detox stay is a program hosted at HOSHINOYA properties, the nature and local culture of each location can be experienced while being away from digital devices such as computers or mobile phones. By spending focused time with themselves, guests can refresh their minds and body and regain a rich sensibility. The digital detox stay at HOSHINOYA Tokyo is a one-night two-day program where guests can immerse themselves in swordsmanship drawing its roots from the Edo period and clear away all unnecessary thoughts.


1Kenjutsu Practice with a master of Hokushin Ittoryu and morning meditation

Kenjutsu will be taught by a master of the swordsmanship school “Hokushin Ittoryu” Geki Kenkai, which used to have a dojo in Kanda, Edo. Prepare the body on the first day by adjusting posture through basic training using imitation swords. From early morning on the next day, meditation will be held in a quiet room where breathing, posture, and the mind will be adjusted. Agarwood (a type of fragrant wood) will be burned in the room, and while one is surrounded by the subtle fragrance, the mind can be relaxed to improve concentration for the practice. At the end of the practice, participants can try out the swords on wheat-gluten bread. It is a moment to feel the highest level of mental strength and concentration, gained through the practice while feeling the pressure of this one-time moment. On the first day of practice, the bread may not be sliced well as expected but by making a clean cut on the final day, participants can gain a sense of exhilaration and accomplishment.

2Release of the mind and body through spa treatments and public hot spring

In the evening, before sleep, an oil treatment of the body, which focuses on the head, neck, and shoulders will be held at the spa. It aims to not only relieve fatigue from practice but also any stiffness and fatigue due to the prolonged use of digital devices for high-quality sleep. In addition, the body can be warmed from its core at the public hot springs located on the 17th floor, where the natural, Otemachi hot springs can be enjoyed just for themselves. Floating in the open-air bathtub, with their head resting on a floating pole, participants will be relieved of the tension from practice and the stress of daily lives.

3Nippon Cuisines dinner course with tea pairing

A full-course dinner of Nippon Cuisine, which combines seasonal ingredients from Japan’s rich nature and French culinary techniques, will be served. A game called “tocha”, in which the taste and aroma of tea are distinguished to identify the variety and area of production was once actively performed in Edo amongst the upper-class samurai. From this idea, the Nippon Cuisine dinner course was decided to be served with a tea pairing. In order to be able to enjoy the characteristics of the tea leaves itself, all of the tea served uses one type of leaf instead of a blend of tea. There are more than 50 types of tea in Japan and the tea that best suits the course menu has been carefully selected for this stay program. In addition, the way in which the tea is prepared differs in order to match the characteristics of each dish.

All Year
82,280 (includes tax and service charge)
Price includes
Kenjutsu practice, spa treatment, dinner, tea pairing, breakfast
Required 2 weeks in advance
1 to 2 persons per day