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Ecotour of a Natural World Heritage Site, Yanbaru

An ecotour program at yanbaru, which is the northern part of mainland Okinawa with abundant nature including mountains and the forest. This private ecotour program will invite guests to discover the charms of nature in Okinawa as well as the forest of Yanbaru, which was recently designated as a Natural World Heritage Site in July 2021. Yanbaru is one of the world's most precious forests with a variety of flora and fauna. Two types of ecotours will be available: a nature walk to explore the forest of Okinawa rail, a rare species of birds, and kayak adventure to discover the rich biodiversity of the mangrove forests.


1Nature walk to explore the forest of Okinawa rail

Take part in nature walks in the forest, under the guidance of Nature Guide Shinobu Nakane. Early in the morning when there are few people around, this is a nature walk through the forest of evergreen broad-leaved trees, while listening to the sounds of Okinawa rails and the drumming sounds of Okinawa woodpeckers. Okinawa rail, a nationally designated natural treasure, and Okinawa woodpecker, a nationally designated special natural treasure, are extremely valuable creatures that live only in the forests of Yanbaru, in the northern part of Okinawa’s main island. There are other endangered species that live only in the Yanbaru forest, and flora unique to subtropical oceanic climates can be observed. After the nature tour, a deeper insight into Okinawa rail through observation of rescued Okinawa rail and readings of the birds at the exhibition can be found.

2Kayak adventure to discover the rich biodiversity of mangrove forests

An ecotour on a kayak to explore the largest mangrove forests in the mainland of Okinawa, designated as a national natural treasure. A mangrove forest is a special environment where fresh and saltwater mix together and there are a variety of species that live in this environment. By slowly kayaking along a river where mangroves grow like tunnels, guests can observe the precious nature and creatures while listening to the guide’s explanation. The tour is held early in the morning when there are few people, so the quiet natural environment during sunrise can be enjoyed. A guide who is familiar with Yanbaru and has 15 years of experience will be in charge of the tour. The tour will include introductions to kayaking so beginners can join the tour without prior experience.

3Outdoor brunch surrounded by Yanbaru forests (optional)

There is an option to have an outdoor brunch at a bungalow surrounded by Yanbaru forests after the ecotour. The bungalow has a shower to get refreshed before the meal. At the terrace seats facing the forest and the ocean, a relaxing outdoor meal can be enjoyed.

All Year
5:00 am to 12:30 pm (5:00 am to 3:30 pm with outdoor brunch)
40,000 JPY for 2 people (includes tax and service charge)
Price Includes
Ecotour, light breakfast
Required 2 weeks in advance
1 group per day (maximum of 4 people per group)
・Additional charge of 15,000 JPY for every extra person.
・Contents of the program are subject to change depending on the weather.
・Ingredients of meals are subject to change depending on the availability of ingredients.
・Transportation is not included in the program so it must be organized separately.