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“Capture the autumn leaves” open rooftop bus tour

The two-story open rooftop bus will take you on a journey to capture the autumn leaves of the mountain range of Tochigi. Available at 3 KAI properties of Tochigi, join this refreshing bus tour.


1Refreshing ride under the autumn leaves

Open rooftop bus where the colored autumn leaves can be enjoyed at close range. With a slow ride along the route, the vast scenery and fresh scent of the forest can be captured.

2Best routes for sightseeing autumn leaves at KAI Nikko

Iroha hill route: Route that connects the city of Nikko with Lake Chuzenji and Oku-Nikko, famed for its 48 curves and steep slopes of an altitude difference of about 440 meters. During the peak season of autumn leaves, many cars pass through, often resulting in traffic jams but on this morning tour, the scenery in the quiet air can be appreciated.

<Route> KAI Nikko > Lake Chuzenji > Iroha hill (descend) > Iroha hill (ascend) > KAI Nikko

<Time> Approximately 60 mins <Distance> 21.9 km

3Best routes for sightseeing autumn leaves at KAI Kinugawa & KAI Kawaji

Ikari & Kawaji Dam route: The Ikari and Kawaji dam is located in the upper stream of the Kinugawa river, where the collaborative scenery of foliage and architectural structure is well known. The Ikari dam is one of the highest arched dams in Japan and it is one of the highest arches with beautiful curvature. The contrast between the emerald green of the surface of the water and the autumn leaves can be enjoyed.

<Route> KAI Kinugawa > KAI Kawaji > Ikari Dam > Kawaji Dam (20 min rest) > KAI Kinugawa > KAI Kawaji

<Time> Approximately 90 mins <Distance> 25.2 km

KAI Nikko, KAI Kinugawa, KAI Kawaji
October 14 - November 6, 2022
Iroha hill route (1 ride/day): Depart KAI Nikko at 6:30 am

Ikari & Kawaji Dam route (2 rides/day):
Depart KAI Kinugawa at 10 am or depart KAI Kawaji at 10:30 am
Depart KAI Kinugawa at 11:40 am or depart KAI Kawaji at 12:10 am
Free of charge
Pre-reservation available until 8 pm 2 days in advance. *The bus can be boarded in case there are availabilities on the day of.
30 seats
・Bus ride is available after your stay
・Passengers aged 4 years or older can ride for safety reasons.
・The ride is subject to cancellation depending on weather.
・In case of rain, free raincoat will be distributed for use and umbrellas are prohibited on the bus.
・Please make sure to bring a jacket as the bus ride will be hosted at high altitude.