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Private Yakata Boat “Hisui” to enjoy the beauty of Arashiyama

HOSHINOYA Kyoto, a Japanese inn with river views for all guest rooms, will operate a private Yakata boat named "Hisui," or jade in English. The "Hisui" boat allows the guests to enjoy the seasonal views of Arashiyama, which was once loved by the nobles of the Heian period. The roof is equipped with special glass that can change its visibility from opaque to transparent. It provides a dynamic landscape that extends either horizontally or vertically. In addition, the interior incorporates the finest works of craftsmanship of Kyoto, completing a private space that can only be experienced in Arashiyama with HOSHINOYA Kyoto. From 9 am to 3 pm, the boat can be chartered at any time of the day. Guests can spend their time freely, gazing into the surrounding nature with different expressions depending on the season and time. Along with the view, guests can enjoy the cooling breeze with a book or matcha green tea in one hand.


1Calculated design to enjoy the dynamic views of Arashiyama

The roof of the boat has a special glass that can be switched from opaque to transparent with a flick of a button. By using this feature, the downstream near Togetsu Bridge, where the river widens, the roof will be opaque so that guests can enjoy an expansive view of the glittering glow of the surface of the river. Towards the upstream, where the river is narrow, the roof will be transparent so that the vertical views, including the sky and the mountains that rise sheer from the river, can create a different kind of open view. “Hisui” is an original Yakata boat where the dynamic landscape of Arashiyama can be experienced in two ways, horizontally and vertically.

2Elegant interior design with the finest works of craftsmanship of Kyoto

The interior is decorated with traditional Kyoto crafts, and it is surrounded by traditional Japanese blinds to create an elegant space similar to scenes depicted in Heian Emaki (picture scrolls of the Heian period). Since the Heian period, people have been enjoying the scenery of the four seasons with Waka poetry and traditional music from a boat that travels the Oi River. Paintings after the Edo period show people enjoying the views from a boat. The beauty of the valley remains almost the same even today. To blend in with the historical and aesthetic landscape, our Yakata boat “Hisui” uses materials and decorations that have long been familiar in Kyoto.

For example, Kitayama cedar and Japanese cypress used in residences of Kyoto create the boat’s framework. The traditional Japanese blinds from the long-established store, “Kubota Birendo,” complete a private space within the open air. Copper decorations that have been used as decorations for pillars and ceilings of temples since ancient times are used throughout the boat. The hand-made copper decorations made by “Takeuchi Co., Ltd” allow the boat to have a refined look. The cushions are made by “Somenotsukasa Yoshioka,” which has been in Kyoto since the Edo period. The soft colors created by the traditional technique of dyeing with plants and flowers naturally blend into the seasonal scenery of Arashiyama.

3Private boat ride to appreciate the scenery of the valleys of Arashiyama

“Hisui” can be reserved at any time from 9 am to 3 pm so that guests can enjoy the different expressions of the valleys of Arashiyama, depending on the time and season. In the morning, the sound of birds will echo, and the calm surface of the water will shine in the sunlight. During the day, the blue sky and the breeze through the boat will feel refreshing. When the valley turns reddish in the evening, guests will feel like they are in a fantastic universe. On rainy days, while listening to the sound of rain falling on the roof, guests can enjoy the magical scenery of a valley with mist. On snowy days, the snow shining on the trees can be appreciated. On the boat, matcha green tea and Japanese confectionery that reflects seasonal scenery are served, and alcohol if requested. Guests can spend their time freely, gazing into the surrounding nature or relax as they wish through reading or taking a nap.

All year
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
37,190 JPY per group (excludes tax, service charge, and accommodation fee)
Price includes
Charter fee of "Hisui," matcha green tea experience, Japanese confectionery *alcohol is of a separate charge
Maximum of 4 people per group
Required 7 days prior
・Open to guests staying at HOSHINOYA Kyoto
・In case of bad weather, the activity may be canceled.
・Depending on the weather, the program is subject to changes in time.