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Travel in Your 20s Project in 12 KAI Destinations

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Hoshino Resorts KAI, a collection of hot-spring Japanese inns will start its “Travel in Your 20s Project” from January 4th to March 31st, 2017. This “Travel in Your 20s Project” offers one night stay with two meals at 19,000 JPY, almost 50% discount of regular rate. It started in 2013, to encourage the younger generation to travel around Japan more often with less economical problems. This year, we would like to offer this stay to the 20s all over the world to get a chance to experience a stay in traditional Japanese ryokan.
JR_tohoku_25All KAI destinations will offer an exclusive plan, almost 50% discount of the regular rate to people in their 20s. We prepare an English RYOKAN guidebook, which explains the tips for kaiseki style dining, the traditional cloth yukata, and hot spring bath onsen.

Travel in Your 20s Project Plan : 4 Highlights
1. 19,000 JPY 1 night 2 meals (15,000 JPY at KAI Kawaji and KAI Tsugaru)
This is almost 50% discount of the regular rate!

2. Come with friends and get a special friends’ discount
A special friends’ discount for reservations of 3 to 4 people in the same room.

3. Free RYOKAN guidebook
Basic tips of how to enjoy RYOKAN are provided in the guidebook.

4. Travel in Your 20’s Project Navigators help with you trip
At all KAI destinations, there are travel consultants as “Your 20’s Project Navigtors”.
Ask any questions or concerns during your stay.

QaIMG_6376★Travel in Your 20’s Project Plan
■Period: January 4th, 2017 – March 31st, 2017
■Eligibility: age 20 to 29
■Locations: 12 KAI destinations
■Price: 19,000 JPY/Person 1 Night and 2 Meals (15,000 JPY at KAI Kawaji and KAI Tsugaru)
■Reservations: Link Below

KAI Tsugaru: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000114/0000000356
KAI Kawaji: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000119/0000000154
KAI Kinugawa: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000121/0000000075
KAI Nikko: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000118/0000000187
KAI Hakone: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000117/0000000255
KAI Atami: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000111/0000000341
KAI Ito: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000108/0000000442
KAI Matsumoto: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000104/0000000412
KAI Enshu: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000113/0000000366
KAI Kaga: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000103/0000000396
KAI Izumo: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000106/0000000432
KAI Aso: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000115/0000000271

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