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HOSHINOYA Tokyo - Nippon cuisine-


HOSHINOYA Tokyo presents a dinner course defined by a new culinary style

The HOSHINOYA Tokyo restaurant incorporates a new culinary style into its dinner menu Nippon Cuisine—a type of location-specific French cuisine. Our award-winning Executive Chef Noriyuki Hamada uses his trained French techniques to produce meticulously designed dishes prepared with Japanese ingredients, mainly fish, and seasonings.


Nippon cuisine: Where traditional Japanese meets classic French


Hamada’s focus is on fish—a common staple in Japan from ancient era. Hamada travels around the country to visit local farmers and producers to find the finest ingredients that have been raised with care, or have grown in natural environments such as sea, forests and mountains. With his trained technique in French cuisine and his attention to detail, Hamada draws out the fullest potential from the defining qualities of his ingredients. “Nippon Cuisine” is the culinary style presented at HOSHINOYA Tokyo by Hamada inspired by the carefully selected ingredients from bountiful sea, limpid rivers, and flavorful and nutritious soil in Japan.

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