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July 24, 2018

KAI Sengokuhara

Hoshino Resorts KAI Sengokuhara Opening July 27th, 2018

KAI, the luxury boutique hot spring ryokan concept by Hoshino Resorts, will open its 15th property in the Hakone district on July 27th. This will be the second KAI brand in Hakone district and the property will feature private hot spring baths in each of its 16 guest rooms.



The concept for this property is an “atelier + hot spring ryokan” because of the great number of museums in the area.  Guests will have a chance to stimulate their senses and express their inner creativity through their sojourn at the ryokan by finding painting and drawing materials laid out inside the buildings, and an atelier space for our signature KAI activities as well.
All rooms are Japanese/Western-style spaces including a private outdoor hot spring, a sofa, and Ryukyu tatami floor mats. Whether looking out the window, or relaxing in the outdoor hot spring on the terrace, guests will have grand views of the magnificent scenery of Sengokuhara. Like the shared hot spring, these private hot springs are supplied with spring water from Okuwa-dani Valley.


Full press release can be downloaded above.
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