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Hoshino Resorts Launches Digital Detox Stay Plans at HOSHINOYA


Hoshino Resorts launched a year-round “digital detox stay” at five of its HOSHINOYA branded hotels in Japan–Karuizawa, Kyoto, Taketomi Island, Fuji and Tokyo. A digital detox stay is a program that concentrates on activities through which guests can experience the nature and local culture of each location while being away from digital devices such as computers or mobile phones. By spending time with oneself, guests can refresh their mind and body and regain a rich sensibility.

Hoshino Resorts has been expanding the concept of a digital detox stay since 2014 through limited-time offers with the goal of relieving physical stress and mental fatigue caused by the spread of digital devices and the Internet in recent years. From now on, guests will be able to experience such a stay in all HOSHINOYA facilities located in Japan year-round.

It is said that if one stays away from digital devices for a certain period, they will free themselves from the stresses of everyday life and regain the ability to communicate with the real world and foster a deeper connection with nature (Source: The Digital Detox Japan Association). During a digital detox stay, Hoshino Resorts provides time for immersion, during which guests can experience nature, local culture, and “time for self-reflection”, all in a stress-free state where they can come face-to-face with themselves.

Three elements of a digital detox stay

1. Placing yourself in a space and time removed from the digital world

At check-in, the guests will be asked to deposit their digital devices in order to create an environment removed from the digital world. The guests’ digital devices will be stored in boxes related to the culture of each location, such as letter-boxes with Karuizawa-style carvings (HOSHINOYA Karuizawa) and boxes lacquered by craftsmen from Kyoto (HOSHINOYA Kyoto).

2. Immersion in activities through which the guests will experience nature and local culture

Hoshino Resorts will enable guests to immerse in activities through which they will experience the nature and local culture of each location in order to forget the busyness of everyday life. The content of the activities will enable guests to learn about local nature and culture in more depth from professionals in these fields as well as locals. At HOSHINOYA Tokyo, guests will learn swordsmanship from a master who holds a dojo at Kanda, which was formerly a part of Edo. Along with shutting out all distractions from their mind by immersing themselves in practice, they will also temper their concentration and mental strength.

3. Refreshing the mind through self-reflection

Guests will be provided time to reflect and face themselves. By facing a mind which has been relieved of stress, guests will be able to organize their thoughts and regain a rich sensibility. At HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island, guests will spend time in self-reflection on a small island which appears only during low tide. They can gaze at the blue sea spreading in front of them and put their minds in refreshing order.

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