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Enjoy Strawberries to the Fullest at KAI Hot Spring Ryokan

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A “Strawberry Stay”, where guests can enjoy strawberries to the fullest, will be available at the three facilities of KAI, a hot spring ryokan brand by Hoshino Resorts, located in Tochigi Prefecture – KAI Kawaji, KAI Kinugawa, and KAI Nikko. New experiences and ways to eat strawberries incorporating each facilities unique features will be provided in Tochigi Prefecture, which is famous for its strawberry production. Guests will be able to thoroughly enjoy strawberries, a specialty which represents Tochigi.

1-night 2-day “Strawberry Experiences” combined with the specialties of the facility

KAI Kawaji – “Satoyama Strawberry Stay” with strawberry-picking at a hot spring ryokan
KAI Kawaji, based on the concept of “the wisdom of satoyamas” (areas between mountain foothills and arable flat land) offers a “Satoyama
Strawberry Stay” (1 group per day) where guests can pick strawberries at a watermill in the premises of the resort.

KAI Kinugawa – “Folk Craft and Strawberry Stay”, where guests can eat and compare seasonal strawberries
KAI Kinugawa, based on the concept of “a sunlit hot spring inn where Tochigi folk craft shines”, offers a “Folk Craft and Strawberry Stay”, which incorporates “Tochihime”, a variety called “the ephemeral strawberry.” Through a 1-night 2-day stay, a new way of eating strawberries is offered, which guests can only experience in Tochigi, which boasts the largest yield of strawberries in Japan, including the large and sweet Tochihime variety, which has a soft flesh and is said to be impossible to taste outside the prefecture.

KAI Nikko – Fully enjoy winter in Okunikko at “Scenic Strawberry Stay”
KAI Nikko, a hot spring inn located on the bank of Lake Chuzenji, offers a “Scenic Strawberry Stay” limited to 2 groups per day, through which guests can enjoy seasonal strawberries, from December 1st, 2019 to February 29th, 2020. KAI Nikko uniquely offers the warm sweetness of Nikko specialty sweet bean jelly and rare white strawberries during the sunset and sunrise hours.

About KAI
Hoshino Resorts KAI Brand ryokans focus on the traditional onsen, or Japanese hot spring, and kaiseki dining experience, offering guests a blissful, relaxing, and authentically Japanese experience. There are 15 KAI ryokans currently operating under Hoshino Resorts. For more information on the KAI Brand, please visit the website.

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