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KAI's Snowy Winter "Kamakura" Experience

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Hoshino Resorts’ hot spring ryokan brand KAI will host the Kamakura Experience at two locations: KAI Tsugaru and KAI Alps, from February 1st to February 29th, 2020, with the goal of providing an extraordinary experience that guests can only enjoy in the snowy weather. In addition to witnessing the kamakuras (Japanese igloos), guests can also step inside to enjoy local food and drinks, and appreciate the magical scenery created by the contrast between the light of the lanterns and the snow.

KAI Tsugaru | Enjoy the “Kogin Kamakuras” at “Kogin-Packed Experience”
KAI Tsugaru, a hot spring ryokan located in Owani, in the Minamitsugaru District of Aomori Prefecture, will host “Kogin-Packed Experience”, which can be enjoyed at “kogin kamakuras.” The kamakuras built in the Tsugaru Seasonal Water Garden, where visitors can enjoy the changing scenery of each season in Tsugaru, will be lit up by lanterns made with the Tsugaru region’s traditional “Tsugaru koginzashi” design, creating a magical sight. In the private, cosy kamakura, visitors can relax and enjoy apple cocktails, sweets made with
koginzashi patterns, and more.

KAI Alps | Regain a childlike sense of wonder and enjoy snowy weather with “Shinshu Kamakura Yukinko Experience”

KAI Alps, a hot spring ryokan at the Omachi Hot Spring in Nagano Prefecture, is hosting “Shinshu Kamakura Yukinko Experience”, where visitors can regain a childlike sense of wonder, and enjoy the unique lifestyle of Shinshu, the snow country. Omachi, located at the base of the Northern Alps, gets a lot of snow even by the standards of the Shinshu region, and the locals have developed a lot of knowledge about endurance during the harsh winters. At KAI Alps, guests can have fun in the central garden’s kamakura, while dressed as a “yukinko” (snow child). In a warm atmosphere surrounded by bamboo lanterns, visitors can experience the Shinshu winter.

About KAI
Hoshino Resorts KAI Brand ryokans focus on the traditional onsen, or Japanese hot spring, and kaiseki dining experience, offering guests a blissful, relaxing, and authentically Japanese experience. There are 15 KAI ryokans currently operating under Hoshino Resorts. For more information on the KAI Brand, please visit the website.

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