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The team at Hoshino Resorts wants to show their customers beautiful natural landscapes, and provide them with rich experiences that they cannot get through commodities. That is why ever since 1993, Hoshino Resorts has been working on environmental management to run its resorts in a sustainable way that reduces the burden on the planet. This year, the company has begun two new initiatives.

1. Going plastic bottle-free to reduce plastic waste
From now on, Hoshino Resorts will no longer offer bottled mineral water, and will instead have water coolers in public spaces. Hoshino Resorts will also not only sell original tumblers, reducing the need for plastic bottles, but also educate people about the importance of doing this. This initiative will begin with RISONARE Nasu, which opened on November 1st, and is projected to expand to every resort under the RISONARE brand (Tomamu, Atami, and Yatsugatake) by the end of this year.

2. Ending toothbrush waste
On October 1st, 2019, Hoshino Resorts began its toothbrush recycling program in the 30 resorts operated by the company within Japan. More than a million discarded toothbrushes are collected every year, which are then recycled to be used in other plastic products. Hoshino Resorts is currently the only company operating multiple resorts in Japan that recycles toothbrushes. The next step is to look at recycling these used toothbrushes into new toothbrushes.

3. Changing hotel amenities to pump bottles
We will eliminate individually packaged soaps (shampoo, conditioner, and body wash) at all 30 Japanese lodging facilities operated by Hoshino Resorts and switch to refillable pump bottles by the end of 2019. We already use pump bottles at approximately 90% of our facilities, but our goal is to introduce them at all facilities. By using pump bottles instead of soap, we expect to reduce disposal of plastic containers by about 49 t/yr and soap by about 73 kl/yr in comparison with the use of individually packaged soaps.

Environmental Management History
1914 Hoshino Onsen opened
1915 Began generating hydropower with a wooden water wheel
1992 CEO Yoshiharu Hoshino elucidates his vision of the “master resort manager,”and establishes three indices: Ordinary profit margin, customer satisfaction, and environmental management.
1999 Zero Committee founded to work towards achieving zero emissions
2003 Zero Committee won the Minister of the Environment Award at the Green Purchasing Network’s 6th Green Purchasing Awards
2005 Won the Ministry of the Environment’s 1st Ecotourism Award
2011 Zero emissions achieved
2019 Hotel amenities switched to pump bottles, will stop using individually wrapped soap (projected to be achieved by end of the year), began the process of going plastic bottle-free. Toothbrush recycling initiatives started around the country.

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