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Celebrating 10th Anniversary at HOSHINOYA Kyoto


HOSHINOYA Kyoto, the ryokan in Arashiyama, Kyoto—where every room has a river view—is coming up to the 10th anniversary of its founding in December 2019. To celebrate this occasion, the hotel will launch a special winter-limited kaiseki-style (banquet) dinner menu and a houseboat that will be used specifically for on-site activities around Ogurayama and Arashiyama areas.

1. HOSHINOYA Kyoto Dining, Winter Menu – The theme is “Enjoying winter flavors”

Oku-Arashiyama, where HOSHINOYA Kyoto is located, is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and it is one of the places in Kyoto with the richest nature. HOSHINOYA Kyoto Dining offers “kaiseki” (banquet) cuisine that reflects the scenery of Arashiyama from season to season, with the concept of “Gomijizai.” “Gomijizai” has the meaning of pursuing the essence of Japanese cuisine without being restricted by its boundaries, and freely combining ingredients and cooking methods. A total of nine products with the theme of “Enjoying winter flavors” will be offered in the period from December 1, 2019, to January 31, 2020. Many kinds of seasonal fish which store fat to get through the cold winter, and many local vegetables, such as Maru-daikon radish and leek from Kujo, are available in Kyoto during winter. HOSHINOYA Kyoto Dining offers dishes that complement the flavor of these traditional winter ingredients.

2. A houseboat purely for activities surrounded by Arashiyama valley scenery

Since the opening of HOSHINOYA Kyoto in December 2009, the hotel has been picking up guests from the foot of the Togetsukyo Bridge in a purpose-built boat. For its 10-year anniversary, HOSHINOYA Kyoto will build a houseboat that will be used not just for going to and from the resort, but specifically for activities. This boat will have a special glass roof so people can enjoy the dynamic views of the sky, the valley, and the water.

HOSHINOYA Kyoto at a glance
Address: 11-2 Arashiyama Genrokuzancho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 616-0007
Access: Approximately a ten-minute walk from Hankyu Arashiyama Station,
approximately 30 minutes by car from the Kyoto South Interchange
Reservation Center: + 81 50-3786-1144
URL: https://hoshinoya.com/en/
Number of rooms: 25
Check-in: from 3:00pm | Check-out: until 12:00pm
Nightly price: from 109,000 yen (for one room, excl. tax/service fees and food)

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