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New Smartphone Application to Monitor Crowds at the Onsen, starting with 15 properties

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Hoshino Resorts is a hotel management company that has over 40 properties within and outside of Japan and strives for the search of omotenashi, Japanese hospitality, through Japanese culture and traditions. Since 1 June, 2020, crowds at the onsen, public hot spring, can be monitored using our original smartphone application. We believe this use of our application will lead to safer use of onsen, which is one of the highlights of going to a ryokan or resort, where the onsen allows one to release themselves from the stress of “stay-home” practices. The first step of this project includes a total of 15 properties, including KAI, HOSHINOYA Karuizawa, and RISONARE Atami.

Start Date: 1 June 2020
Properties of Interest: KAI (excluding Tsugaru, Atami, Aso), HOSHINOYA Karuizawa (meditation bath) and RISONARE Atami

Hoshino Resorts continue to deliver travel that avoids the “Three Cs”, close contact, confined spaces (with poor ventilation), and crowded places, through this new era of “life with corona”. We declare that we will continue to make and improve to create an environment that avoids the occurrence of the “Three Cs” and to deliver the highest standard of actions against coronavirus. With this declaration, we decided to create our new application to provide a safe environment for travel. Information based on data will be released and will be accessible to our guests so that the onsen can be enjoyed to the fullest.

-Original system to monitor crowds at the onsen
Use of IoT device (distance sensor) and our original application allows real-time crowds to be detected. The IoT device can count accurate numbers of people, make real-time connections between data and the cloud, adapt to different environments, and blend in with the surroundings as it is made small.

-Information accessible by guests
The information can easily be accessed by guests through their smartphones by reading the QR code. The information will be obtained through a web browser so there is no need for an application to be downloaded to your device. The stress to go back and forth the onsen and your room will be reduced, for the crowds at the onsen can be monitored with your phone.

-Privacy and security measures to be protected for safety
The use of the website is limited to the guests of the property. The website can only be browsed when the guests are using the Wi-Fi of the property so the information will not be released outside of the property.

Next in Line: Freedom in the advancement of the application
By the end of June, this system is scheduled to be installed at 23 properties with onsen. Additionally, we plan to use this system at the reception, pool, and other public areas. This is our original application so we will take advantage of the speed and freedom of advancement, to develop a function that can predict the number of people that will be using the area of interest. We will continue to update our progress in this system in order to deliver safer travel.

Reference: Actions against coronavirus with respect to the management of health and hygiene at all properties of Hoshino Resorts
>Confirmation of health upon check-in
Our staff will be checking body temperatures and asking for travel histories upon check-in for all guests. If a guest has a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, we will follow the instructions of the public health center and act accordingly, which may result in a withhold of stay.

>Addition of disinfection procedures to the cleaning of rooms and public areas
In particular, for the cleaning of all guest rooms, alkaline electronic water will be used to disinfect areas that are most often touched such as doorknobs, handles of wardrobes and refrigerators, remote controls, switches, etc.

>Availability of alcohol-based disinfectants at multiple locations around a property

>Alcohol-based disinfectants to be used upon arrival at restaurants for all guests

> High-temperature washing (above 80 degrees Celsius) of tableware (plates and glass) and cutlery, and disinfection of trays.

>Masks to be worn by all staff members

>Management of health and hygiene of staff members (checking and recording temperatures before work).

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