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Anti-viral coating in elevators at properties of Hoshino Resorts

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Hoshino Resorts is a hotel management company that has over 40 properties within and outside of Japan and strives for the search of omotenashi, Japanese hospitality, through Japanese culture and traditions. Our declaration to deliver the highest standard of actions against coronavirus has been focusing on actions to control health and hygiene, and to avoid the 3Cs (close contact, confined spaces, and crowded places).

To ensure thorough measures, we will be applying “Medical Nanocoat” to elevator buttons at all properties in Japan. The “Medical Nanocoat” is a special nanocoating agent that neutralizes the ability of viruses and bacteria to infect and it is also used at international airports. We will also limit the number of people who can use the elevator per ascend/descend and devise ways to prevent customers from facing each other in close proximity. We will continue to take thorough measures so that our guests can stay with comfort and a feeling of safety.

1)Anti-viral coating on elevator buttons
“Medical Nanocoat”, with antiviral and antibacterial properties, is applied to elevator buttons. It is a special coating that can neutralize the ability of viruses and bacteria to infect by destroying its proteins. With the use of this coating, the risk of getting an infection through contact will be reduced.

2)Ensuring social distancing
In order to secure social distancing in the elevator, each property has different ways of execution such as limiting the number of people who can use the elevator per ascend/descend and putting marking to indicate where to stand.

Other related actions:
-Conversations in the elevator will be asked to be avoided.
-Hand sanitizers are provided in public spaces and all guest rooms so disinfection can be done prior to elevator use.

Reference: Main actions against coronavirus with respect to management of health and hygiene at all properties of Hoshino Resorts
>Confirmation of health and travel histories upon check-in
>Addition of disinfection procedures to cleaning of rooms and public areas
>Availability of alcohol-based disinfectants at multiple locations around a property including all guest rooms
>Alcohol-based disinfectants to be used upon arrival at restaurants for all guests
>Crowd control in public areas
>Use of application to monitor crowds at hot springs and pools (applicable for several properties)
> High-temperature washing (above 80 degrees Celsius) of tableware (plates and glass) and cutlery, and disinfection of trays.
>Masks to be worn by all staff members
>Management of health and hygiene of staff members (checking and recording temperatures before work).

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