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“Hoshino Resorts KAI Poroto” scheduled to open in January of 2022

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Hoshino Resorts, a hotel management company, operating over 40 properties within and outside of Japan will open an onsen ryokan (hot spring Japanese style inn) under the name “Hoshino Resorts KAI Poroto” after the completion of a partnership agreement with Shiraoi, Hokkaido in June 28, 2018. KAI Poroto will be the 19th property for the KAI brand, following KAI Nagato (opened in March 2020), KAI Kirishima (to open in January 2021), and KAI Beppu (to open in summer 2021). It will be the third property in Hokkaido, following RISONARE Tomamu in Shimukappu and OMO7 Asahikawa in Asahikawa. KAI Poroto is scheduled to open in January of 2022 and the property will be designed by architect, Hiroshi Nakamura.
(Hiroki Nakamura & NAP)

Shiraoi onsen water can be enjoyed at this property, where the water contains organic minerals derived from plants and is known as “moor spring”. This type of water is rare throughout the world. KAI Poroto faces the shores of Lake Poroto, surrounded by the natural forests of Hokkaido, where the wild birds live. All guest rooms will have a lake view, where the change in scenery with season can be enjoyed.

KAI is a leading brand of upscale boutique hot spring ryokans. Every establishment offers a contemporary take on the traditional Japanese inn, providing unique, location-specific experiences. KAI Poroto will cooperate with Shiraoi town as well as “Upopoy”, the National Ainu Museum and Park, which has the aim of becoming a “symbolic space for ethnic harmony”. To continue providing our hospitality, we will respect Ainu culture and provide a place of accommodation for guests to experience a trip to understand what co-living with different ethnic groups is.

A symbolic space for ethnic harmony – “Upopoy”
On July 12, 2020, a symbolic space for ethnic harmony, named “Upopoy”, opened in Shiraoi, Hokkaido. It is a national center that serves as a base for the reconstruction and development of the Ainu culture, which is in danger of survival. The main facilities are the “National Ainu Museum” and the “National Ainu Park”. The National Ainu Museum is the first national museum in Japan centered around indigenous Ainu people and the history and culture of the people as expressed through their perspective, expressed in a variety of exhibits. The National Ainu Park is a field museum, where the Ainu culture can be taught through various programs. Experiences on-site include the Ainu traditional dance, registered as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, wood carving and embroidery workshops as well as food and traditional performing arts experiences. “Upopoy” means “to sing (in large numbers)” in the language of Ainu.

Designed by architect, Hiroshi Nakamura
Architect, Hiroshi Nakamura oversees the design. Poroto means a large lake in the language of Ainu and KAI Poroto boldly draws this lake into its premise. In the lobby of the birch forest, guests will be greeted by a magnificent view of the lake, which leads to Mt. Tarumae. In addition, guests can relax in the lounge while watching the flames in the fireplace, which was at the center of Ainu people’s lives. On the surface of the lake, a bathhouse called Kashi, which uses traditional Ainu construction methods, stands like a village. The open-air bath makes one feel as if they are immersed in the lake. The design has been created in a way that is modern, inspired by the lifestyles, nature, and family of Ainu people.

Details of the Project
Name: Hoshino Resorts KAI Poroto
Location: 1-1018-1 Wakakusa, Shiraoi, Hokkaido
Number of Floors: 4 (above ground)
Number of Guest rooms: 42
Design & Plan: NAP Architectural Consulting, Maeda Corporation
Start of Construction: May 15, 2020
Opening date: January 2022 (tentative)

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