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Original Craft Beers at Tomamu in Hokkaido

  • RISONARE Tomamu

At Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, the largest accommodation style resort in Hokkaido, an original craft beer made from corn will be available from this coming summer. The craft beer was made to complement corn, which is at its tastiest state during the summer in Japan. At a beer event, hosted at Tomamu, there will be 7 different flavored corn to enjoy with the beer. In collaboration with 3 different breweries based in Hokkaido, craft beers will be sold from 1 July to 31 August 2021.

Savor the unique craft beer this summer at Tomamu!

In Hokkaido, craft beer using fresh water and natural ingredients is popular. Due to the effect of the spread of coronavirus, events were canceled one after another last summer and chances to enjoy beer unexpectedly decreased dramatically. This year, we wanted our guests to enjoy summer in Hokkaido with our craft beer.

Characteristics of the Craft Beer
1)Collaborating with 3 local breweries in Hokkaido
We teamed up with 3 breweries who agreed with our thoughts and passion towards wanting to build more excitement in the field of craft beers in Hokkaido. Breweries include Canadian-style “North Island Beer,” “Taisetsu Ji Beer” using local ingredients, and “Onuma Beer” using alkaline ionized water.

2)Perfect Combo of Craft Beer and Corn
The craft beer was created to compliment the corn with different, original flavored toppings and will be sold at our beer event as well as designated places this summer (specific locations stated at the end of the page). Specific malt, hops, and flavors were chosen to match with the sweetness and the flavors of the toppings of corn. Each brewery made its craft beer using flavors and techniques they excel at. Guests can choose from golden pilsner, amber ale, and black ale.

Introduction of the Craft Beers
“Tomamu Pilsner”
“North Island Beer” is located in Ebetsu-shi in Hokkaido and they specialize in making hand-made craft beers. The golden “Tomamu Pilsner” is a lager beer with a floral hop aroma and a clear taste.

Comment from Takeshi Tagaya at “North Island Beer”
It is rich in flavor but has a sharpness and clear after taste. The moderate bitterness of the hops makes it easy to match the sweetness of the corn and any of the 7 flavors of corn. With this beer, I recommend pairing it with the “Rainbow corn,” which encompasses all 7 flavors on one corn.

“Tomamu Amber Ale”
“Taisetsu Ji Beer” is based in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, where they use local, fresh ingredients to create their craft beers. “Tomamu Amber Ale” is an amber ale beer that combines the slight sweetness of caramelized malt with the bitter taste and fruity aroma of hops.

Comment from Junji Yamazaki at “Taisetsu Ji Beer”
In addition to the sweetness of the corn, the fruity aroma of the hops compliments the flavor of seafood and cheese toppings. The beer has a bitter and rich taste as well as a strong aroma so it is recommended to pair it with cheese butter corn if you enjoy mild flavors.

“Tomamu Black Ale”
“Onuma Beer,” located in Nanae-cho, produces smooth craft beer, as they use alkaline ionized water from Mt. Yokotsu. “Tomamu Black Ale” is a black beer that uses malt with a characteristic of sweetness.

Comment from Hiroshi Hachiya at “Onuma Beer”
This beer was created so that the flavor and richness of black beer can be enjoyed and combined with the sweetness of corn. In particular, I recommend matching the beer with “Maple Cinnamon Corn.” The bitterness and richness of the black beer go well with the dessert-like corn.

Details of the Tomamu Original Craft Beer
Time period: 1 July 2021 – 31 August 2021
Price: 728 JPY per beer (excludes tax)
Available at: Café & Bar “Tsukino,” buffet dining “Hal” (only during dinner), forest restaurant “Nininuburi” (only during dinner), hotel shop
Others: Availability depends on overall stock

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