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  • OMO3 Kyoto Toji

Grand Opening of Hoshino Resorts OMO3 Kyoto Toji on April 15th, 2021

  • OMO3 Kyoto Toji

Hoshino Resorts, a hotel management company that operates over 40 properties within and outside of Japan, has opened “Hoshino Resorts OMO3 Kyoto Toji” on April 15th, 2021. We aim to provide a city tourism hotel where guests can become more familiar with temples and enjoy Kyoto from a new and calming perspective.

Kyoto City has a history of 1,200 years, since the founding of Heiankyo, and it is Japan’s most popular tourist destination in Japan, visited by more than 50 million tourists every year. The Toji area is a quiet area of Kyoto, where the symbol of Kyoto and one of the World Heritage sites, the Five Storied Pagoda resides with elegance and beauty just 5 minutes away from the hotel. Toji is the only surviving remains of Heiankyo and this temple was entrusted to Kukai, a Japanese Buddhist monk, who returned to Japan after studying Buddhism during the Tang dynasty. Find peace and calm within this ancient city as you take a break in Kyoto or spend a relaxing time at a temple with a Buddha statue.

Features that will fill your travel with excitement!
OMO base – Community Lounge
OMO base is a public space where the front desk and library reside and it is best described as a community space, almost an extension of the guest rooms. OMO3 Kyoto Toji was designed in a way so that the Toji area is the most memorable out of all the cities of Kyoto.

Artworks – “Mandala art” and “Wall of the gentle smile”
The entrance of the hotel is decorated with the “Mandala art” with 21 Buddhas illustrated on a three-dimensional Mandala and the “Wall of the gentle smile” displaying the gentle smile and expression of the Buddha using light and shadows.

Balancing the mind through writings on sand – “Tracing sutra table”
In the middle of the OMO base, the “tracing sutra table” will be set up, where guests can balance their minds through copying sutras and writing characters on the sand. This activity was inspired by the fact that Kukai was known for his calligraphy. Different from calligraphy using ink, guests can freely write characters and letters on the sand, where you can try as many times as you want.

Bookshelf of wisdom
The core pillar, shinbashira, is what supports the structure of the Five Storied Pagoda and the bookshelf we have incorporated was inspired by this structure. Books on Toji and Kukai, a Japanese Buddhist monk, are available.

Go-KINJO – tour guide service supporting neighborhood excursions
At OMO, we consider the entire city centered around the hotel to be a resort of its own and we want our guests to go out into the city instead of spending time inside the hotel. Go-KINJO is a service comprised of the Go-KINJO Map and Go-KINJO activity, and its aim is for guests to learn about the deep culture of nearby neighborhoods.

Go-KINJO Map – the old and new of the Toji area
The old and new of the Toji area can be seen from the maps, where guests can compare the street names, destinations that have not changed, look at where the recommended stores and restaurants are located, etc. Learning about the change of time through these maps will surely make your trip to Toji that much more fun and exciting.

Details of OMO3 Kyoto Toji
Name: Hoshino Resorts OMO3 Kyoto Toji
Location: 11-6, Zao-cho, Nishikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Price: Starting from 4,500 JPY (per person in a 2 person room, includes tax and excludes accommodation tax and meals)
Floors: Basement 1 to 8th floor
Number of rooms: 120

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