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  • OMO5 Okinawa Naha

Grand Opening of OMO5 Okinawa Naha

  • OMO5 Okinawa Naha

Hoshino Resorts, a hotel management company that operates over 40 properties within and outside of Japan, has opened a city tourism hotel in Naha, Okinawa’s largest city, named OMO5 Okinawa Naha. OMO aims to become a city tourism hotel that not only provides a place of accommodation but a place that brings excitement in travel and a more personal experience of the city.

Concept of the property is “Beating hearts in Okinawa”
Okinawa has its own unique culture since the Ryukyu Dynasty, where multiple cultures intersect. We consider the city of Naha centered around the hotel to be a resort of its own and we want our guests to enjoy the lively and vibrant Okinawa.

Some of the famous sightseeing spots include the lively Kokusai-dori aligned with many shops, the Makishi public market known to be the main kitchen of Okinawa, and the Shuri Castle area, where the rich culture since the Ryukyu Dynasty resides. At OMO, we will cover both the basics and deep culture you have yet to discover!

Characteristics of OMO5 Okinawa Naha
Best of Naha through Go-KINJO services
At OMO, we consider the entire city centered around the hotel to be a resort of its own and we want our guests to go out into the city instead of spending time inside the hotel. Go-KINJO is a service comprised of our Go-KINJO Map and Go-KINJO activity, and its aim is for guests to learn about the deep culture of nearby neighborhoods.

Tour guide of the area with the OMO Rangers
“OMO Rangers” are our local guides, who will guide guests through the city. Touring with OMO Rangers will allow one to discover deep culture through communications with locals, going to sights familiar to locals, etc. Exploration of the city through trips to the back-alley ways of Kokusai-dori, visits to spots for good luck according to Ryukyu Feng Shui, visits to local supermarkets, etc will be available.

Naha’s latest information on the Go-KINJO Map
The “Go-KINJO Map” is a local guide map that reflects real and timely information collected by our staff members, showing our recommended sights and restaurants. Information that is not necessarily mentioned in guidebooks can be found. Places include long-established dessert shops, outdoor coffee stalls, boutique stores selling items created by local artists, etc. It is full of options that will surely make one want to come back to Naha for every visit to Japan.

“OMO Base” – Community Lounge
“OMO Base” is a community lounge that connects guests to the city of Naha. It will become the pivotal point during the stay in Naha. The “OMO Café”, front desk, and “Go-KINJO Map” are located on the first floor and the “Yuntaku Library” is on the second floor.

Hang out spot for everyone! “OMO Café”
At the “OMO Café,” breakfast and desserts, drinks are served. For breakfast, guests can choose from 5 different main dishes such as Croque Monsieur, French toast, pizza toast, etc, and will also include salad soup and a drink. Spacious area with lots of sunlight entering so that guests can have a fresh start to their day. This café is open to both hotel guests and day visitors.

Ponder about the different ways to spend time in Naha with the “Go-KINJO Map”
Sightseeing spots and restaurants recommended by our staff can be viewed on the “Go-KINJO Map.” From classic destinations to places where locals are familiar with, the latest information on hot spots will be available.

“Yuntaku Library” decorated with local Okinawan arts
On the second floor of the OMO base is the library, which is only opened to hotel guests. The room is decorated with local handcrafts, creating a warm atmosphere to spend a relaxing time reading a book or just resting.

Comfortable and Functional Guest rooms
Room types include the “YAGURA room”, “Double room” and the “Twin room.” The rooms use “Washi-Tatami” flooring so guests can relax in their room without shoes. Despite its compact structure, functionality is a key factor when designing the rooms so there are sofas, clothing hooks on walls, and spacious bathrooms. The YAGURA room is almost like a childhood hideout, which will surely heighten the excitement of travel.

Original Tour of Okinawa – Visiting popular tourist destinations
Launch of “Okinawa Jyoto Tour”
At OMO5 Okinawa Naha, the “Okinawa Jyoto Tour” will be hosted by our OMO Rangers. The word “Jyoto” means “fine things, nice, good” in the dialect of Okinawa. This tour will make trips to popular tourist destinations like the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, as well as Japan’s largest ocean café “Hoshino Resorts Banta Café.” Must-sees of Okinawa will be included in this original tour and will only be available to guests staying at OMO5 Okinawa Naha. At the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, guests can watch the 8.8 meters in length whale sharks, and reef mantas swimming. Whilst at the Banta Café, the sunset can be enjoyed along with the musical sounds of Sanlele (Japanese lute x Ukulele). Without the stress of driving a car, this tour will bring you to the popular destinations on the island.

Details of OMO5 Okinawa Naha
Name: OMO5 Okinawa Naha
Location: 1-3-16, Matsuyama, Naha, Okinawa
Price: Starting from 6,000 JPY (per person in a 2 person room, includes tax and excludes meals)
Floors: Basement 1 to 16th floor
Facility: OMO Base (Front desk, Lounge, OMO Café), Library, Laundry, Lockers, Guest rooms
Number of Rooms: 190
Car Park: Multi-storey car park (1,500 JPY per night per car)

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