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"Charms of Edo, Tokyo Culture Festival" at HOSHINOYA Tokyo


HOSHINOYA Tokyo, a Japanese Ryokan in Otemachi will host “Charms of Edo, Tokyo Culture Festival” from 22 July to 8 August during “Tokyo Summer Nights 2021,” which is a festival hosted every year that brings Edo culture to the present. In order to heighten the festive spirits of “Tokyo Summer Nights 2021,” various long-established stores such as Japanese confectionery shops, restaurants, and craft shops, where its roots come from the culture developed in the Edo period and continue to do business even today will gather depending on the day at HOSHINOYA Tokyo. Through encounters with original menus, first-hand traditional craft experiences, and interaction with the owner and craftsmen, guests are invited to rediscover the charms to Tokyo through Edo.

Otemachi, a district of central Tokyo where HOSHINOYA Tokyo resides, was once the residential quarters where the feudal lords built their lavish mansions near the castle. It is said that many people gathered, allowing traditional arts, food, and entertainment to develop. At HOSHINOYA Tokyo, we wanted our guests to experience this unique culture; re-living the days of such festivities and celebrations during the summer so “Tokyo Summer Nights” have been hosted for the past few years. This year, we focused on long-established stores in Tokyo that continue to pass on Edo culture to the present and decided to host the “Charms of Edo, Tokyo Culture Festival” with the hope for guests to rediscover Tokyo’s unique charms through the dedication and history of those stores that continue to be loved by local people and have created the culture of Tokyo we have today. With the cooperation of long-established stores, the shop owners and craftsmen from all fields will gather each day to share the tradition, culture, and commitment of the shop.

What is “Charms of Edo, Tokyo Culture Festival”
It is a festival where different long-established stores gather at HOSHINOYA Tokyo depending on the day, where guests can experience the culture and tradition of the store through direct communication with the owners and craftsmen. A special arrangement such as food stalls and exhibition spaces will be made in the public space of the second floor in order to tell the story of how the store was established as well as the care and thoughts that have been passed down through generations. Learning about the history and traditions behind the food and crafts will be something that can only be enjoyed at the “Charms of Edo, Tokyo Culture Festival.”

Examples of long-established stores cooperating with us
・Idumoya – Unagi restaurant
Idumoya, which is located in Nihombashi Hongokucho, is a famous unagi (Japanese eel) restaurant that has been around for three generations. Unagi was originally so popular that it became the origin of the word “Edomae,” which refers to “old Tokyo-style” and is still eaten by many people in the present day. At the festival, “Kurikarayaki,” unagi wrapped around a skewer, will be served. “Kurikarayaki,” which brings out the original flavor of the meat, is an original menu that is not even offered at the restaurant. An experienced chef will tell guests their commitment to unagi and business.

・Shinohara Furin Honpo – Furin store
Shinohara Furin Honpo, which revived furin (wind chimes) as a craft, is said to have been popular among commoners from the end of the Edo period and continues to make “Edo Furin” using the same process as in the Edo period. Guests can experience painting from the inside of the furin, one of the characteristics of the “Edo Furin,” while listening to the history and skills of the craftsmen.

・Jyanoichi Honten – Sushi
Jyanoichi Honten, which was established as a sushi stall in 1889 when there was a fish market in Nihombashi, serves “Edomae sushi,” characteristic of using red vinegared rice with no sugar, such as nigiri of boiled conger and has kept the taste unchanged since its establishment. In addition to serving “nianago (stewed conger) no nigiri” and “special chirashi (similar to sushi cake)” served in HOSHINOYA Tokyo’s original wooden box, the restaurant’s culture, and commitment for over 100 years based on the owner’s wish to “evolve without changing” can be heard.

“Charms of Edo, Tokyo Culture Festival” at a glance
Time Period: July 22 – August 8, 2021
Time: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Price: Free (Some are subject to fees, including stores like Idumoya, Shinohara Furin Honpo, Jyanoichi, Ryukobo) *excludes accommodation fee
Others: Contents and products available may be subject to change depending on stock availability.

Address: 1-9-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Facilities: Lobby, dining, public hot spring, conference room
Number of Rooms: 84
Check-in: 3:00 pm/Check-out: 12:00 pm
Price: 102,000 JPY per night per room (includes tax and service charge, excludes meals)
Directions:10-minute walk from Tokyo Station or a 2-minute walk from Otemachi Station
Website: https://hoshinoya.com/tokyo/en/

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