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Grand Opening of OMO5 Kyoto Gion by Hoshino Resorts on November 5th, 2021

  • OMO5 Kyoto Gion


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A city tourism hotel to “live like a local in Gion”
OMO is a city tourism hotel located in a convenient city-center location, perfect for exploring the deep, urban culture, and OMO5 Kyoto Gion by Hoshino Resorts opened on 5 November 2021. Following the opening of OMO3 Kyoto Toji and OMO5 Kyoto Sanjo, this is the third OMO property in Kyoto. With the concept, “live like a local in Gion,” we will propose an enjoyable stay for guests to experience the arts and culture of the area. We hope for guests to get an insight into the vibrant world of Gion.

Concept – “Live like a local in Gion”
OMO5 Kyoto Gion is located in the Gion area, which is in Monzencho, centered around the famous Yasaka Shrine. It is along Shijodori (street) so it is only a minute away from Yasaka Shrine. In addition, as one of Kyoto’s hanamachi, a district where geisha live and work, the area has a vibrant cityscape, which was once a line of tea houses, accommodations, and theaters. People living in Gion cherish traditional festivals and seasonal events, including the Gion Festival, one of the three major festivals in Japan, while leading their daily lives. OMO5 Kyoto Gion proposes a trip to live like a local in Gion, which has a unique culture of its own. Not only will we recommend long-established tea houses and stores favored by locals, but we will also share insight into the history and traditions of the area and temples.

Characteristics of OMO5 Kyoto Gion
1)Variety of room types that can fit with each travel style
With a total of 36 rooms, all incorporate traditional Japanese patterns and are divided into three design types, distinguished by color. The main colors are red, green, and blue where the different hues of color are all inspired by nature. The rooms have lanterns, reminiscent of a familiar city scene for locals, where lanterns are used to light the entrances of houses as well as food stalls. Some room types have kitchens, where guests can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay as if they are at home. There are also rooms for a maximum of 6 people so traveling and spending quality time with friends and family can be attained.

・Waking up to the scent of fresh bread in Kyoto – “In-room Bakery Set”
For breakfast, guests can enjoy fresh bread and original condiments by making bread from scratch. The bread machine is similar to that of a rice cooker, where once all the ingredients are inside the machine, with a press of a button, the bread will be made for the next morning. People in Kyoto love coffee and bread, where there are many famous bakeries in the area. This breakfast favorite can be made during the stay, waking up to the fresh scent of bread.
Price: 1,000 JPY (includes tax)
Includes: Rental of bread machine, ingredients of bread, 6 types of condiment (butter, matcha green tea spread, sweet red bean paste, pork rillette, egg spread, soymilk dip), coffee

2)OMO Base inspired by the teahouses in Monzencho
The OMO Base is a public space with information and tips to make walking around town fun. The design was inspired by an image of taking a break at a teahouse in Monzencho. Lanterns decorate the space and the front desk, which are reminiscent of the local cityscape, where lanterns are used to light the entrances of houses as well as food stalls. Items and tools unique to life in Gion are exhibited for guests to take a look into the lives of locals. The local guide map, Go-KINJO MAP has all the recommendations of nearby stores and restaurants researched by our OMO Rangers, local neighborhood guide.

3)Go-KINJO service to enjoy the city to the fullest
OMO considers the city centered around the hotel to be part of the resort and hopes for guests to go out into the city as much as possible. OMO Rangers will support guests’ trips through sharing of knowledge through the Go-KINJO Map and our local guide tours of nearby attractions.

・Tour around Gion for a fresh start to the day! – “Gion Morning Cleanse”
Every morning from 6:30 am, when the streets of Gion are still quiet and empty, this tour will guide guests to discover how hanamachi, a district where Geisha live and work, came to be. It is also a tour that was inspired by the word uruwashii, which has multiple meanings including beautiful, to emotionally move someone, to be well-regulated/cleansed, and for something to be authentic. Guests will visit a shrine known for good relationships and will practice expressions of gratitude so that bad relationships can be cut off. At the end of the tour, guests will visit Yasaka Shrine, where the connections between shrines and the life of the people in Gion will be shared. Upon return to the property, a drink known as okousen, roasted Chinese medicine infused in hot water, will be available to soothe the body after the morning stroll. This informative, yet soothing tour in the morning will surely cleanse the mind and body for a fresh start to the day.
Time: 6:30 am to 7:30 am
Price: Free of charge
Capacity: Up to 15 people
Reservations: Required by 10 pm the day before the tour

・Discover Japanese confectionary, wagashi, through a stroll to prep for tea ceremony
This is an activity to experience wagashi and green tea as part of experiencing Gion life. Gion is an area lined with many wagashi stores, where craftsmen created wagashi that represents the season. People used to enjoy the pairing of wagashi and matcha green tea, where matcha sets were rented out by some of the wagashi stores. Guests of OMO5 Kyoto Gion can find a wagashi store recommended by OMO Rangers to purchase wagashi for a tea break back in their rooms. Matcha green tea set can be rented out by the property, where green tea can be ground using the stone mill at the OMO Base.
Time: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Price: Free of charge
Others: wagashi will be subject to additional charges at the store of interest

・Dinner recommendation service
Depending on the price, food of interest, takeout, etc., OMO Rangers will recommend restaurants of Gion. This is a perfect service for first-time visitors of Gion. Shidashi service is part of Kyoto’s food culture, and it is a meal delivery service to specifically host guests or to celebrate. If a reservation is made 3 days prior to this service, then meals by long-established restaurants can be enjoyed as a takeaway. There are many restaurants in Kyoto for repeat customers so savor a meal in Kyoto as locals do for a fuller experience.
Time: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Price: Free of charge
Reservations: Required 3 days prior (shidashi service only)

Details of OMO5 Kyoto Gion by Hoshino Resorts
Address: 288 Gionmachi Kitagawa, Shijodori Yamatooji Higashiiru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Price: Starting from 9,000 JPY per night (per person in a 2 person room, includes tax and excludes accommodation tax and meals)
Number of Rooms: 36
Directions: Approximately 6 minutes by walk from Gion-Shijo Station
Opening Date: November 5th, 2021

About the OMO Brand
City tourism hotel to discover the wonders of the city
OMO is a city tourism hotel in a convenient city-center location, perfect for exploring the deep, urban culture. We consider the city centered around the hotel to be part of our resort, offering a variety of options to see, eat and shop. With the cooperation of the local community, city-lovers can get an insight into culture through our original tours and maps; sharing locals’ all-time favorites to hidden gems only with you!

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