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Winter Gibier at HOSHINOYA Fuji – Surround a bonfire in the forest to savor gibier sukiyaki


Enjoy a winter delight, sukiyaki of wild game meat, in the middle of the forest

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HOSHINOYA Fuji, a luxury hotel near Mount Fuji, will be offering gibier sukiyaki from 8 January 2022 to 28 February 2022. A special seat surrounding a bonfire is situated in the winter forest, where limited-time sukiyaki of gibier (boar meat, bear meat, and deer meat) can be savored. Sukiyaki is a type of Japanese dish where thin slices of beef, vegetables, and grilled tofu are simmered in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, mirin (sweet rice wine), stock and dipped in raw egg, as its final sauce. An original sauce will be prepared, making a typical Japanese dish into something special, something that is a one-and-only culinary experience of gibier.

HOSHINOYA Fuji has been using wild game meat to contribute to reducing animal damage to local agriculture and forestry by wild boars, bears, and deer. Winter is very cold at the northern foot of Mount Fuji, but winter is the perfect season for hunting, where various kinds of game meat can be acquired. When hunters get their hands on high-quality game meat, sukiyaki has been a winter delicacy and has been familiarized as the best way of cooking game meat for a long time. Inspired by this hunting practice, we decided to develop this gibier sukiyaki dinner. Guests can enjoy seasonal gibier of sukiyaki, which is unique to this glamping resort in Fuji.

Characteristics of Winter Gibier – Sukiyaki
1) High-quality winter gibier with balanced red meat and fat
The best season for gibier is autumn and winter. Boars, bears, and deer eat things like nuts during autumn to store high-quality fat, which makes the meat aromatic and rich in umami. In addition, tree barks and husks become the main diet for the animals in winter so the gibier has a good balance of red meat and fat to be enjoyed. Temperatures are low in winter, so fresh gibier can be enjoyed for dinner.

2) Recommendations from HOSHINOYA Fuji to enjoy gibier
The main characteristic of gibier in winter is the balance between red meat and fat, which contributes to strong umami. In order to enjoy this umami of gibier, sukiyaki is the perfect way of cooking, where an original stock is created using local red wine and foie gras in addition to its basic flavors, soy sauce, sugar, mirin (sweet rice wine), broth, etc. High-quality fat from the fois gras and the aroma of fruity yet earthy red wine brings out the rich flavor of gibier.

At HOSHINOYA Fuji, 3 types of dipping sauce will be prepared to pair with each type of gibier. The boar meat, which has a rich flavor, will be paired with a light dip made using grated yam and soymilk, the bear meat will be paired with poached egg and the deer meat will be paired with a special dip using juniper berries. These different flavors bring out the best of each gibier, making the dining experience more enjoyable. Moreover, the sukiyaki is cooked in cast iron pans over bonfires so hot servings can be enjoyed through the dinner, which is held outdoors.

3) Special seat surrounding a bonfire in the forest
Within the premise of HOSHINOYA Fuji, a special seat that surrounds a bonfire will be prepared exclusively for a group per night. Heated blankets will be available too so that guests can be kept warm during dinner. Guests can relax and enjoy their meal as they feel the warmth and are surrounded by the crackling sounds of the bonfire.

Winter Gibier – Sukiyaki in a glance
Period: 8 January 2022 – 28 February 2022
Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Price: 24,200 JPY per person (includes tax and service charge)
Price includes: Sukiyaki, udon, dessert, red wine
Capacity: 1 group per night (maximum of 3 people per group and must be above 16 years of age)
Reservation: required by 2 weeks before the day of reservation
Others: Menu is subject to change depending on the availability of ingredients.

Address: 1408 Oishi, Fuji Kawaguchiko-machi, Minami Tsuru-gun, Yamanashi 401-0305
Number of Rooms: 40
Check-in: 3:00 pm/Check-out: 12:00 pm
Price: Starting from 81,000 JPY per night per room (includes tax and service charge, excludes meals)
Directions: Approximately 20 minutes by car from Kawaguchiko Station
Website: https://www.hoshinoresorts.com/en/resortsandhotels/hoshinoya/fuji.html

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