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Ryukyu Karate Stay 2022 at HOSHINOYA Okinawa

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Learning the art of Ryukyu karate, originated from Okinawa, for a moment of self-reflection

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At HOSHINOYA Okinawa, the “Ryukyu Karate Stay” experience will be available from September 1 to November 30, 2022. Ryukyu karate, which originated in Okinawa, is a self-defense technique and martial art that has been refined as a means of self-improvement. The program aims to share the art of Ryukyu karate so that guests can experience a moment of self-reflection through their actions and knowledge. This year, actions from Ryukyu kobudo, the Okinawan ancient art of weaponry, will be incorporated into the training at the Activity Studio. Ryukyu karate and kobudo have developed together so by learning and practicing both, skills can be deepened and dozen meditation at the beach has also been newly added to the program. After training, one can loosen their muscles through shiatsu massage treatments, and rest with a drink of awamori (Okinawa rice alcohol). A full package that involves the mind and the body to guide guests to a comfortable yet active stay.
*Ryukyu karate is a type of Okinawan martial arts and the predecessor of current karate.

Karate is a martial art, which originated in Okinawa. The ancient Okinawan martial art called “Tee” combined with Chinese martial arts and became the basis of current karate. Ryukyu karate did not originally involve the idea of having matches because it was a self-defense technique and means of self-improvement. It is said that the purpose of Ryukyu karate training is for self-improvement and that you are responsible for facing your own self. This program was developed based on the idea that learning the spirit of Ryukyu karate will lead to opportunities for modern people with busy lives to spend time reflecting on themselves. By taking advantage of the Activity Studio on-site and the fact that mental and physical care can be provided, we aimed to create a program that can accommodate people of different skills and knowledge. This program aims to bring the ideas and thoughts behind karate to be learnt effortlessly during one’s stay.

Characteristics of Ryukyu Karate Stay 2022
Characteristic 1: Learning the art of Ryukyu karate at the Activity Studio
In this program, Ryukyu karate is practiced every day at the Activity Studio on-site or generally known as the dojo in Japanese, a term for a hall specific for practicing martial arts. The instructors are experts from the renowned “Kamiji-Ryu Karate Doken Yukai,” which owns a dojo in Yomitan, Okinawa, which celebrates its 62-year anniversary this year. They have 200 branches overseas, and it emphasizes improving both the mind and skills. The training session will not only be time used to move the body but it will also be time to learn the history and the mindset of Ryukyu karate. This program is open to people of all levels, as it starts from the basic forms and gradually shifts to teaching more difficult, intermediate movements. On the second day, guests will participate in Ryukyu kobudo, the Okinawan ancient art of weaponry, which developed together with karate. Wooden sticks and sai (pronged weapon) will be used in some of the movements to experience the history and knowledge of martial arts that were developed in Okinawa.

Activity Studio
The Activity Studio on-site is a one-story building with a red-tiled roof, open windows, and a veranda. A variety of activities are hosted here for guests to get together for a light exercise, chats, etc. When the windows are opened, a fresh lawn will spread in front, and beyond it will be the view of the ocean. During Ryukyu karate practices and dozen meditations, the Activity Studio will be a private space just for those in the program so that maximum concentration can be reached.

Characteristic 2: Zen meditation through movement for a moment of self-reflection
In the past, masters of Ryukyu karate did not show off their strength to others and practiced diligently by avoiding others, and hiding in the dark. Our program includes sessions of dozen meditations every day after dark where one reflects on the movements practiced during the day. Dozen meditation is a coined word that refers to the meditation method of facing oneself through the actions of martial arts, as opposed to zazen, meditation while sitting. Meditation is practiced by repeating the movements of Ryukyu karate without thinking. It will be hosted at the Activity Studio on the first day and at the pristine beach in front of the property on the second day for a time of self-reflection with the sounds of the waves.

Characteristic 3: Balancing with Shiatsu massage treatments and resting with a drink of awamori
Between Ryukyu karate sessions, the body will be prepared with Shiatsu massage treatments, a traditional technique originating from Japan on the basis of oriental medicine. Guests can loosen the tension in their minds or their body, for the treatment will be done in the guest rooms. In addition, awamori, rice alcohol of Okinawa, can be enjoyed in the guest rooms using a ceramic sake cup and flask, unique to Okinawa. Since ancient times, Ryukyu karate and awamori have been related to each other because karate practitioners and masters have enjoyed it. Guests can spend quality time in their room with a cup of awamori in hand, whilst gazing into a panoramic view of the ocean.

Example Stay Schedule
<Day 1>
3:00 pm Check-in
5:00 pm Training 1: Standing positions, basic forms & movements (1.5 hrs)
8:00 pm Dozen meditation (Zen meditation whilst moving) at the Activity Studio (30 mins)
A drink of Awamori before bedtime

<Day 2>
10:00 am Training 2: Review of Training session 1 & rehearsal for breaking wood boards (1.5 hrs)
2:30 pm Shiatsu massage treatment in your room
7:00 pm Dozen meditation at the pristine beach (30 mins)
A drink of Awamori before bedtime

<Day 3>
9:00 am Training 3: Overall review & breaking wood boards (1.5 hrs)
12:00 pm Check-out

“Ryukyu Karate Stay” at a glance
Time Period: September 1 – November 30, 2022
Price: 84,300 JPY per person (includes tax and service charge) *excludes accommodation fee
Program Includes: 3 training sessions of Ryukyu karate, 2 dozen meditations, 1 shiatsu massage treatment, Awamori drink
Number of persons: 1 group per day (maximum of 2 people per group)
Reservation: Required at least 2 weeks in advance
Others: Contents of the program may be subject to change depending on the weather.

About HOSHINOYA Okinawa
Address: 474 Gima, Yomitan, Nakagami, Okinawa 904-0327
Price: Starts from 136,000 JPY per night per room (includes tax and service charge, excludes meals)
Number of Rooms: 100
Check-in: 3:00 pm / Check-out: 12:00 pm
Directions: Approximately an hour by car from Naha Airport
Website: https://hoshinoya.com/okinawa/en/

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