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Revitalizing Destinations make your 2016 more fortunate!

Let’s travel to Japan and make a New Year’s wish!

Stay with Hoshino Resorts and experience Japanese New Year’s fortune meals, sightseeing spots and activities.



Destination 1 : Hakone in Kanagawa

KAI Hakone presents “Fortune Dinner Banquet”.
Electrify your taste buds with our special Japanese New Year’s fortune dinner banquet from December through February.  

: Note : 
Reservations are required for special banquets.

kai hakone new year


A private sightseeing tour to enjoy both the view of Mt. Fuji and Hakone shrine for “Better Fortune”

Be blessed by the breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji during sunrise and be sure to visit Hakone shrine with our tour. The tour starts from January. 

See more about this tour package

hakone fuji

Make a wish at the spiritual locations to realize your new year’s resolution!
Please look at an official reservation site for room availability.




Destination 2 : Atami in Shizuoka

RISONARE Atami recommends to visit the “Kinomiya Shrine”, which is very famous as a longevity shrine.

A five-minute drive from the hotel takes you to the Kinomiya Shrine where the legendary 200- year-old camphor tree welcomes you. Legend says that a walk around the tree will extend your life one more year.

atami new year

Do you know the nation’s earliest blooming Cherry blossoms? Risonare Atami presents a tour to the early spring flower viewing.

Ride a shuttle bus to explore the early spring flower viewing. Here is our free shuttle service to see the illumination of the nation’s earliest blooming Atami Cherry Blossoms  and Japanese plum blooming at Atami Plum Garden.

-Free shuttle bus service to the nation’s earliest blooming Cherry blossoms spot-
Service period : January 3oth, 31st, February 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th,  2016
Time :Depart from RISONARE Atami :PM 19:00 | 19:30
Return from Cherry blossoms spot :PM 19:40 | 20:10
-Free shuttle bus service to Atami Plum Garden- 
Service period : Daily from January 17th, 2016 till March 6th, 2016
Time :Depart from RISONARE Atami :AM 08:40 | 09:15
Return from Atami Plum Garden :AM 09:45 | 10:00

: Note :
The service changes upon the conditions.
For riding a shuttle bus, please come to the front desk on the day of the tour.
The tour is on a first-come, first-served basis.
The shuttle runs for free of charge, but the admission fees at Atami Plum Garden are required.

cherry blossomsakura ume hoshno


Join a tour to experience Japan’s early spring leisure!
Please look at an official reservation site for room availability.




Destination 3 : Nikko in Tochigi

Visit Nikko Toshogu, a World Heritage Site, by free shuttle bus from Tokyo to KAI Nikko.

No worries about transfers from Tokyo to Nikko! Enjoy our guest-only direct shuttle bus ride from Tokyo Station to KAI Nikko. The bus runs through the winter season. On the return trip, the shuttle takes you to splendid winter views of the Nikko Toshogu Area in the morning. After sightseeing, just hop in the bus to go back to Tokyo.

Please make a reservation by up to 4 days before your arrival.

See more about the shuttle bus

nikko new year

Be sure to visit the World Heritage Site of Nikko and magnificent wintery views on this occasion!
Please look at an official reservation site for room availability.




Destination 4 : Izumo in Shimane

Start your journey of Izumo Taisha, famous as the God of marriage.

Explore Izumo area’s historical shrines and temples with bountiful mythologies and legends. Izumo Taisha, the nation’s oldest shrine, enshrines the deity for good relationship and marriage. 

izumo new year

Let’s visit the shrine to make your New Year’s wish and get the breaks!
Please look at an official reservation site for room availability.



Destination 5 : Matsumoto in Nagano

Explore the “Zenkoji Temple” pilgrimage from KAI Matsumoto

KAI Matsumoto, located in Matsumoto city, has convenient access to Nagano city and Hakuba, the neighboring sightseeing spots. Above it all, in the path of a legendary pilgrimage, “Zenkoji “, a 1,400 year- old temple attracts tourists from all over the world.

※The hotel does not provide shuttle bus to Zenkoji, so please use public transportation.

matsumoto new year

Looking for a memorable souvenir? We recommend handcrafting a traditional Fortune TEMARI ball.

Traditionally, this local handmade ball was a talisman among the trousseau which symbolized happiness in a marriage. 

For sure, it will bring you good fortune!
Please look at an official reservation site for room availability.



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