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Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy beautiful shining stars in the winter night sky?

Winter brings the clearest night sky in a year, and you can clearly see beautiful scattered stars. Why don’ t you visit Hoshino Resorts and view the beautiful shining stars in the clear night sky?



KAI Tsugaru



Go out to see starlit sky wearing Japanese traditional snowsuit “Kakumaki”!

You can enjoy the starlit night sky surrounded by snow while drinking hot wine.

Enjoy a special moment in the unique atmosphere…


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■Every night until February 29th, 2016. Free of charge.■

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Utoco Auberge & Spa



On the night of the new moon, when the moon doesn’t come out, why don’​t ​you come to see the wonderful starry sky?

Do this while enjoying drinks, relaxing and taking it easy?



■New moon nights only, you can join free of charge■

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“HOSHINOYA Fuji” where you can enjoy a luxury camping experience “Glamping”, offers an observation tour of scattered stars over Mt. Fuji’s sky.

Hold warm drinks and enjoy stars scattered over night sky.



■The tour is held everyday until February 29th. Booking is necessary. (8,000 yen/Per Person)■

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Bandaisan Onsen Hotel



We have prepared a special bar for just for couples in the dazzling snowfield with utter silence and darkness.

We will take you there in 20 min by snowmobile.


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■Operate every Saturday until March 13th. (14,000 yen/a Couple)■

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RISONARE Kohanajima



We will take you to a special bar lounge where you can enjoy a star-studded sky.

There you can see 84 of 88 star signs in the island of Okinawa.

You will have an experience of a wonderful romantic night together with stylish cocktails.



■Offered everyday until February 29th. (16,000 yen/a dinner course)■

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The clean air of winter Karuizawa makes spangled starshine more brightly in the sky.

Wrapped up with a sleeping bag, and you can listen to the star guide’s story.

Here you can enjoy amazing moments with the night full of true fallen stars, feeling the expanse of the universe that you will never be able to experience in a Planetarium.



■The tour is held everyday until March 13th. Booking is necessary. (5,000 yen/Per Person)■

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