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Come to Japan and enjoy the wonders of Spring!

Japan celebrates the warmth of spring around March, and change into the season of fresh green and dazzling trees from April to May.We will introduce various styles of Hoshino Resorts for you to especially enjoy in the spring.




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What kind of journeys can you enjoy in the Japanese spring?

We gathered here many special spring events which are highly recommended for you to experience when traveling in Japan.

Stay with us, Hoshino Resorts, for a precious and special time in Japan.

The memorable experiences surely bring something new into your everyday life!



 Outing in Spring  

“KAI Izumo”


What do you think of taking a rickshaw ride around the grounds of Matsue Castle which registered as a national treasure of Japan in 2015 or taking sightseeing boat ride with a great view of the castle?
Look forward to the exotic atmosphere of Japan’s beautiful spots in the warm weather of spring.




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Fresh green eco tour

“Oirase Keiryu Hotel”


Don’t miss popular guided walks next to the Oirase Keiryu Stream with professional nature guide arranged by Oirase Keiryu Hotel.
The tweet of birds, gentle sunbeam through foliage and comforting breeze stroking your cheek let you know spring has come, you can feel the blooming of spring with the whole of your body.


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Spring in the vineyards

“RISONARE Yatsugatake”


We conduct winery walking tours where you can listen to and understand the story and commitment of sommeliers and producers directly. You will have a wonderful holiday in Japan’s first wine resort.




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 Journey of beauty recommended during spring

“HOSHINOYA Karuizawa”


Karuizawa is the high class resort surrounded by beautiful nature with clustering thickets of evergreens and tweeting birds everywhere. “HOSHINOYA Karuizawa” sets the spa program using Japanese “Sake” during spring’s new brewing season. Relax in the fresh air, your skin will become soft, smooth, and rehydrated. You might feel youthful and beautiful during your stay. 




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Sweet treats Strawberry Journey

“KAI Nikko”


We have a special accommodation package including a strawberry picking tour in “Tochigi Prefecture” known as “Strawberry Kingdome”. You can eat and compare the flavor of famous strawberry brands like “Skyberry”, “Tochiotome” and “Benihoppe”. “Special Sake sangria” made with locally brewed sake and strawberries are also popular.
You can enjoy these sweet strawberries with Chuzenji Lake’s wonderful scenery which you can overlook from your comfortable room in KAI Nikko.


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