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Beautiful Sakura Season! The best ways to extensively enjoy the cherry blossoms.


Cherry blossoms represent the authentic Japanese spring.

Along with the Cherry Blossom Front moving northward, we can enjoy the blooming of cherry blossoms until early May. Here we will sum up “Hoshino Resorts recommendations of how to enjoy cherry blossoms”, for example, hot springs, boat trips, viewing from rickshaw, and great cherry blossom viewing locations.

Would you like to try seeing the Japanese cherry blossoms in many different ways this year?



Japanese Garden and Cherry Blossoms

【界 伊東】日本庭園で花を愛で寛ぐひととき「野点ピクニック」
A beautiful large Japanese Garden in “Hoshino Resorts KAI Ito” has a numerous variety of cherry trees such as Kawazu-cherry, Yoshino-cherry and Weeping cherry blooms next to each other. We have prepared an activity to kick vividly colored balls, which is Japanese traditional activity.

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KAI Hakone
Mt.Fuji and Cherry Blossoms

1523dae9078a566e445f184e82d31fc4Because of different altitudes in Hakone, cherry blossoms start blooming around Hakone Yumoto area in early March, you can enjoy the blooming flowers for around 1 full month. “Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone” will provide some interesting activities for celebrating cherry blossoms at Onshi Hakone Park for a limited period.

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Bandaisan Onsen Hotel
Cherry Blossoms Bus Tour

bandai15.04A-42-1Including Tsuruga-castle surrounded by thousands of cherry trees, there are plenty of famous beautiful sights to enjoy cherry blossoms from in Fukushima Prefecture. “Hoshino Resorts Bandaisan Onsen Hotel” offers “Cherry blossoms bus trips” touring around many famous cherry blossoms spots for a limited period only from 5th of April to 15th of May. With the hotel’s bus, we will take you to the best cherry blossoms locations of the day. It depends on the day where we take you, and you will find out only on the day, so please look forward to this exciting and surprising tour.

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KAI Izumo
Rickshaw Ride on the Cherry Blossoms Street 

【界 出雲】温泉街の桜並木を走るお花見人力車
Tamatsukuri Onsen hot spring resort in Matue, Shimane prefecture where Hoshino Resorts KAI Izumo is located in, has a magnificent street with more than 400 cherry trees, which delights people’s eyes. KAI Izumo will offer you an atmospheric “cherry-blossom viewing rickshaw tour” with the blooming cherry blossoms.

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KAI Kinugawa
Cherry Blossoms View from Hot Spring Bath

【界 鬼怒川】名湯 鬼怒川温泉で満開の桜を愛でる花見風呂
At last year’s newly opened KAI Kinugawa, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the cherry blossom from the public bath. From the indoor bath, you can view the rows of cherry blossoms trees on the street through huge glass windows. From the outdoor bath, you can observe the full bloom of cherry blossoms feeling the warm spring breeze.

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KAI Tsugaru
Evening Scene of Cherry Blossoms

【界 津軽】3日間限定の夜桜送迎付きで弘前の春を満喫
Hirosaki Park is the most popular cherry blossom spot in Japan where 2 million people visit every year. You can go through the cherry blossom tunnel which is 360 meters and enjoy the cherry blossoms from a boat. Moreover, you can experience the ambience of the Evening Scene of Cherry Blossom.

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KAI Kaga
Great Ambience on a Historic Street

【界 加賀】開業1周年の北陸新幹線で加賀百万石のお花見旅
Kanazawa-castle and Kenrokuen Park are of course very well-known cherry blossoms viewing spots in Kanazawa area. Also Daishoji-temple, a 15 minute drive from KAI Kaga,  is a hidden beauty spot for cherry blossoms where only a few people know in Kaga area. Stay with KAI Kaga, you can enjoy both atmosphere of stylish castletown with Samurai culture and Kaga Yamashiro hot spring resort with 1300 years.

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KAI Matsumoto
Castletown with amazing cherry blossoms

【界 松本】国宝松江城と桜の春の競演
At Castletown Matsumoto, you can enjoy beautiful full bloom cherry blossoms around the national treasure Matsumoto Castle in April. In former days, Asama hot spring area, where KAI Matsumoto located in,  used to be beloved by Matsumoto Castle’s lord, because of its spring quality. After viewing cherry blossoms, let’s enjoy hot spring relaxing at KAI Matsumoto.

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Cherry Blossoms on the boat

You would be delighted to see the beautiful cherry blossom scenery from river boat. The colorful Japanese hill-cherry-blossoms (Yama-zakura), large-cherry-blossoms (Yae-zakura),  and general cherry blossoms (Somei-Yoshino) will be in full bloom surrounding Togetsukyo bridge around the beginning of April. 

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RISONARE Yatsugatake
Cycling and cherry blossom viewing

ae46b1f460ee46f789c27b264a6cb421Why don’t you go for a ride to go to see beautiful cherry blossom view in the mountains? Round course has plenty scenic spots to offer such as the 200 year old weeping cherry trees, lush rustic scenery, and beautiful mountains covered with snow.

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