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Enjoy the beautiful springtime with flowers in full bloom.

The season is gradually changing, and you can hear footsteps of spring. A variety of flowers are blooming everywhere like in a competition during this season, Hoshino Resorts in all parts of Japan offers you the scent of flowers in spring.




KAI Tsugaru
Oyamazakura (Sargent’s cherry)


Driving from KAI Tsugaru to the south foot of Mt. Iwaki, you can view a long row of cherry trees consist of 6500 Oyamazakura (Sargent’s cherry)  which is the world’s longest one.

Also you can see Mt. Iwaki with remaining snow.

(The best time to see : Late April to early May)

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Oirase Keiryu Hotel
Apple’s flowers


Oirase Keiryu Hotel presents you “Hot Spring Bath with Apple Blossoms” only for spring.

Apple blossoms have lovely small petals. You can enjoy relaxing in the hot spring bath with gentle aroma of apple blossoms and feel spring in Aomori.

(Experience is available between the 9th and 15th of May)

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Hotel Bleston Court
Sweets inspired by flowers


Surprisingly, beautiful flowers transform into delicate sweets.

You can enjoy wonderful tea time with a range of cute tarts and candies, as seeing, smelling and eating.

(Experience is available during April and May)

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KAI Matsumoto
Rape Blossoms Field

kai matsumoto

There is fields of rape blossoms just 30 minutes’ drive away from “KAI Matsumoto” in Nagano.

There are magnificent mountains covered with snow above the yellow carpet of flowers spreading out over 6000m.

(The best time to see : Early May)

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Shibazakura (Moss phlox)


You can enjoy Shibazakura (Moss phlox) at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

“Mt. Fuji Shibazakura festival” is held every year around the season of the full bloom of Shibazakura.

(Blooming season is at the end of April to May)

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KAI Enshu
Fuji (Japanese wisteria)

kai enshu

Hamamatsu Flower Park which is 10 minute drive away from “KAI Enshu” in Shizuoka Prefecture will celebrate the full bloom of Fuji (Japanese wisteria) flowers in late April.

Please enjoy the illusionary world of pale purple wisteria trellises over 80m long.

(The best time to see : Late April to early May)

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Miyamakirishima (Rhododendron kiusianum)

kai aso

Miyamakirishima is blooming only on a plateau in Kyushu region of Japan.

KAI Aso holds their own early bird trekking tour: walking through some beautiful spots to see these Miyamakirishimas.

This tour comes with a guide, so even beginners who are not used to trekking can join freely.

(Experience is available from May 20th to June 15th)

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RISONARE Kohamajima

risonare kohamajima

RISONARE Kohamajima is pleased to offer you a special plan with lively beautiful hibiscuses basked in the sun.

What about refreshing and relaxing while watching the wonderful scenery of Okinawa during spring in which hibiscuses are flowering beautifully.

(Experience is available from March 1st to June 16th)

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