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Explore Japanese summer delights and adventure. A leisurely journey of Japan starts with Hoshino Resorts!

Blazing sun shines after the rainy season of June through July and August in Japan. Choose from our selected tailor made summer destinations for your pleasant and delightful Japanese summer experience.




Breezy Summer OceanRelaxing Hot Spring Summer NightDelightful Summer VacationSavor a Gourmet SummerExplore Summer Nature


Experience a myriad of tailor made hospitalities and explore a Japanese summer at Hoshino Resorts.

Discover the full of excitement in your adventure that broaden your horizon.




 Breezy Summer OceanRelax at the Summer Beach  

“Utoco Auberge & Spa”


Featuring a stunning vista of the Pacific Ocean panorama from all guest rooms, Utoco Auberge & Spa is the perfect summer resort. Wake up in the morning sun, indulge yourself into the deep sea water, then savor the sun raised ingredients and relax reading at the terrace under the starry sky.


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Relaxing Hot Spring Summer Night : Cool your summer night at Onsen hot spring hotel

“KAI Ito”

Kai ito

Relax in a pool filled with hot spring water at KAI Ito on a summer night. Toast with a glass of local “Camellia” petal cocktail in the fantastic aroma candle-lit atmosphere. Known for its moisturizing and beauty effect, camellia oil has been prized traditionally in Japan. Join our “Camellia oil soap making class” for a cultural hands-on experience.

Kai ito2

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Delightful Summer Vacation : Daydream in the beauty of the pure white sand and coral reef

“RISONARE Kohamajima”


The beauty of the pure white sand, coral reef, and breezy southern air make Kohamajima, Japan’s most southern island, which is the perfect tropical paradise. Enjoy a scenic coastline sunset in a serene and tranquil setting. Explore the beautiful coral reef by snorkeling or embark to an island that only appears during low tide for a memorable picnic.


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Savor a Gourmet Summer : Explore a Gastronomic Journey

“L’hotel de Hiei”



Located in the vicinity of Hieizan Enryaku-ji Temple, a World Cultural Heritage Site, L’Hotel de Hiei offers wide range of dinner menu and hosts events with a focus on local fermentation techniques. Fermentation requires the right temperature and humidity. It produces a deeper flavor and preserves the food. Experience our local artisan fermentation culture and hospitality.


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Explore Summer Nature : Excitement in Summer Nature



 Hoshinoya fuji01

Enjoy “Glamping”, a novelty of camping at the foot of Mt. Fuji at HOSHINOYA Fuji in this summer. Relax at the terrace with a stunning vista of Mt. Fuji and relish the chef’s memorable dinner for an unfogettable experience. Even in the midsummer, the refreshing breeze through trees invigorates your mind and body.


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