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January 2, 2017

Japanese New Year : Traditions and Customs

New Year or “Oshogatsu” is one of the most important occasions in Japanese calendar and it is rich in tradition. If you have a chance to visit Hoshino Resorts, you’ll be in for some interesting experiences.


HatsumodeHatsumode is a trip to shrines and temples to give offerings and pray for good fortune in the new year. There is some popular hatsumode spots near RISONARE Atami


HatsuhinodeWe call the first sunrise of the year Hatsuhinode and do “Hatsuhinode” to ensure that the coming year is full of good fortune. Utoco Auberge & Spa has an ideal place for it.


MochitsukiMochitsuki, pounding rice to make mochi :rice cakes, is an important traditional event around the start of the New Year. We use an usu, a large bowl made of wood or stone, and a kine, heavy wooden hammer to make mochi. After the mochi are completed, some are set aside, and people who joined Mochitsuki enjoy them together.


KakizomeKakizome is the First Calligraphy of the New Year. It is an event that write auspicious words or phrases in Kanji characters with a writing brush. In general, it is held in a room, but Kakizome@RISONARE Kohamajima is held on their private beach. As you know from this picture, it’s unique.


KarutaKaruta is a New Year’s card game. The rule is very simple – just search and grab cards. Cards are laid out on a floor face up. A question, word, or poem is called out. Players scan the floor and race to be the first one to find the appropriate card. All of the family members take part in Karuta as eating and drinking.

New Year’s sweets

otosoWe also enjoy various kinds of special sweets during the New Year’s holidays. Kai Kaga serves their guests the New Year’s sweets until the end of January.

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