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February 6, 2017

How about taking an open-air bath surrounded by a unique landscape of snow and ice?



Brand New Ice Open-Air Bath at the Ice Hotel




【トマム】氷のホテル人あり (4)

This open-air bath surrounded by ice is set up at the “Ice Hotel” available only for a limited time.

Enjoy the bathing experience wrapped in the glitter of ice beneath a crystal clear sky and a starry night.

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Illumination at the Snow Viewing Open Air Bath


【青森屋】ねぶり流し灯篭 メイン

【青森屋】ねぶり流し灯篭 灯篭流し 人入り②

【青森屋】ねぶり流し灯篭 演者

Aomoriya’s open-air bath will be illuminated for a limited time in winter with the Aomori Nebuta Festival theme.

You may also enjoy a live performance of flutes depending on the time.

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KAI Kinugawa

The Tour of Visionary Snow Viewing Open-Air baths



The Tour of Snow-Viewing Open-Air Hot springs, heading for secluded hot spring located at the source of the Kinugawa River, will be held.

Put on snowshoes and go hiking toward the source of hot spring along with a tour guide.

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