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February 16, 2017

Enjoy warmth in the cold winter of Japan.




Japan’s First “Ika-Kotatsu”



This Kotatsu table is in the shape of a squid which is associated with the region.

Hachinohe city in Aomori Prefecture is well known for the largest landing of squid in Japan.

Relax at this Japan’s very first ‘Ika Kotatsu’ and enjoy warmth from the tips of your toes.

(‘Ika’ means squid in Japanese. A Kotatsu is a Japanese style heated table with a futon.)

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Hoshino Area

The Opening of “Fireplace Cafe”



How about spending a day watching flames of a fireplace and feel the sound and aroma of burning firewood?

The cafe where you can experience the luxurious moment of Karuizawa in winter will be open in the Karuizawa,  Hoshino Area.



Japan’s First “Stove Horse-Drawn Carriage”


【青森屋】ストーブ馬車 メイン

【青森屋】ストーブ馬車 子供イメージ

【青森屋】ストーブ馬車 雪ん子イメージ(ファミリー)

The “Stove Horse-Drawn Carriage”,  a horse-drawn carriage equipped with a wood burning stove,  is operated on the park tour.

You can feel the warmth and comfortably enjoy the tour throughout even on a really cold day.

The taste of ice cream while enjoying the warmth on this horse-drawn carriage is exceptional.

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Winter Forest Glamping Retreat

(‘Glamping’ is short for ‘glamorous camping’)






How about spending a moment of relaxation at the resort adjacent to a coniferous forest?

Taking an herb bath in a warm cabin in the total silence of winter will relax your body and mind.

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