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March 3, 2017

Let’s go see superb views of winter mountains this year.


Experience Superb Views of Winter at ” Hoarfrost Terrace”


tomamu muhyo1

tomamu muhyo2

“Hoarfrost” is fog deposits on trees at freezing temperature approximately from -2 to -10°C (from 28 to 14°F).

You can enjoy lovely scenery with the tone of ultra white ice from the “Hoarfrost Terrace” located at an altitude of 1,088 meters (3,570 feet).

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Get on a Horse to Go to Lunch in the Marvelous Scenery of Winter


hoshinoya karuizawa winter hourse

hoshinoya karuizawa winter3

hoshinoya karuizawa winter1

How about experiencing the limited-time seasonal activity?

One is a combination of horseback riding on snow and a luxurious picnic lunch including ‘Shabu-shabu nabe (hot pot dish)” when you arrive at the scenic destination on a horse.

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Alts Snow Park & Resort

Bandai Observatory Corridor Admires the Magnificent Scenery of Snow


tenbo kairo1



You will find the observatory corridor which is about 200 meters (656 feet) long when you go on top of the mountain located at an altitude of 1,135 meters (3,724 feet).

Stunning views including the ridgeline of Mount Bandai, the sea of clouds and frost-covered trees extend across the area.

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