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March 13, 2017

What is your favorite thing to do when it comes to winter nights–drinking alcohol leisurely or looking at the starry sky?

KAI Tsugaru

Relax in Kamakura where you can enjoy local sake



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Kamakura (dome-shaped snow house) where you can enjoy local sake, will be prepared at KAI Tsugaru.

You can enjoy comparing the flavors of Aomori’s local sake.

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Night Picnic with Hot Wine



How about going on a night picnic to see a beautiful starry sky from KAI Aso?

While warming up your cold body with hot wine, you can relax and enjoy the starry sky.

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Open only at night the café & bar in the winter forest






Excellent seats will be prepared in a peaceful quiet forest to spend the night leisurely.

You can enjoy cocktails by freely adjusting the amount of alcohol at your desired level.

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Observing the Starry Sky from an Aerial Tent





The aerial tent floats in the air between trees in the forest.

It’s perfect for a starry sky observation. This luxury program is limited to one group per day.

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