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Oirase Keiryu Hotel: First-Time Open in Winter in 10 Years


Oirase Keiryu Hotel has been closed in the winter time for 10 years.  This winter, it finally gets prepared and will have its first-time open. Let’s see what’s new!

World’s first: Icefall Hot Spring

The waterfall only gets frozen in the freezing weather. In Oirase Gorge, the freezing cold winter alters the look of waterfall and dramatically freezes the waterfall into “icefall.”

This December, the outdoor hot spring will be reformed and turn into the world’s first hot spring which is surrounded by the icefall. Soaking in the hot spring while observing the frozen waterfall gives you a unique experience for your winter journey.

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② Winter Activities

You can also put on the snow-shoes to enjoy the snow ground walk in the forest. Or take the free shuttle bus to watch the frozen waterfall. At night, there is also a free shuttle bus goes to the icefall for the amazing illumination. For nature lovers, we recommend a guided bus tour to explore Oirase Stream nature.  As for the family or friends, a newly open snow playground will be the best choice to play sledges and other games.


③ Hakkoda Powder-Ski

Mt. Hakkoda ski resort is the largest sanctuary of powder snow in Tohoku region.
For hotel guests, we provide the free shuttle bus to Mt. Hakkoda ski resort.
■07:50 Depart from the hotel →09:00 Arrive at the ski area
■15:30 Depart from the ski area →16:40 Arrive at the hotel

For skiers, we also provide guided tours, an overnight equipment storage, and a pick-up bus for the ski-rental. Plus, budget plans for the long-term stay is also available for online bookings.

※For more information, please go to our official winter website:                                                                              http://www.oirase-keiryuu.jp/en/ski/

Aomori local, Shun-Ichiro Narita (JPN), at Hakkoda, Aomori.

Aomori local, Shun-Ichiro Narita (JPN), at Hakkoda, Aomori.

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