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"Travel in Your 20s Project" in 14 KAI Destinations

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Hoshino Resorts KAI, a brand of luxury boutique hot spring ryokans will start its “Travel in Your 20s Project” from December 1st to March 31st, 2018. This project aims to encourage more young people to stay at KAI brand locations and enjoy the pleasures of hot springs. Starting on December 1st, eligible guests in their 20’s can enjoy a one-night, two-meal stay at any Hoshino Resorts KAI location for just 19,000 JPY per guest, which is almost 50% discount of regular rate, by booking our special “Traveling 20’s Package”.


Travel in Your 20s Project Plan : 3 Highlights
1. 19,000 JPY 1 night 2 meals (17,000 JPY at KAI Tsugaru)
This is almost 50% discount of the regular rate!

2. Come with friends and get a special friends’ discount
A special friends’ discount for reservations of 3 to 4 people in the same room.

3. Reserve a rental car for a special price
There will be a special discount offer for car rentals with a Times Car Rental!


Traveling 20’s Package (Web Only)
■Period:December 1st, 2017 – March 31st, 2018
■Eligibility: age 20 to 29
■Locations: 14 KAI destinations
■Price: 19,000 JPY/Person 1 Night and 2 Meals (17,000 JPY at KAI Tsugaru)
■Reservations: Link Below

KAI Tsugaru: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000114/0000000412
KAI Kawaji: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000119/0000000205
KAI Kinugawa: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000121/0000000133
KAI Nikko: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000118/0000000222
KAI Hakone: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000117/0000000302
KAI Atami: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000111/0000000424
KAI Ito: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000108/0000000488
KAI Anjin: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000122/0000000046
KAI Alps: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000123/0000000026
KAI Matsumoto: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000104/0000000464
KAI Enshu: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000113/0000000412
KAI Kaga: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000103/0000000455
KAI Izumo: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000106/0000000482
KAI Aso: https://booking.hoshinoresort.com/plans/EN/0000000115/0000000320
*Some ryokan may be sold out when the message “No rooms available” appears.

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