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Three Skier-Friendly Programs at Bandaisan Onsen Hotel

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This winter, Bandaisan Onsen Hotel provides three skier-friendly programs to make hotel guests fully enjoy their ski holiday:
1. Extend check out time  2.Free first ride ski  3.Free Wednesday accommodation
※Program operating period: December 23, 2017~March 25, 2018

Program 1: Extend check out time
During winter season, the hotel extends check out time from 11am to 1pm. Hotel guests will have plenty of time to enjoy onsen and lunch after morning ski.

Program 2: Free first ride ski
The best condition of ski run is free for hotel guests!
Due to the low temperature in early morning, a just ready ski run of compacted snow is in its best condition. Enjoy the non-crowded gelande with good-condition snow.

Program 3: Free Wednesday accommodation
For hotel guests who wish to stay longer to enjoy ski holiday, the room rate of the first night will be free of charge if Wednesday is included in the accommodation date. Save one night’s charge to enrich your trip by visiting Nekoma Snow Park or Aizu.

※Opening period:
Alts Snow Park: December 23, 2017~
Nekoma Snow Park: December 02, 2017~

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