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April 2, 2018

KAI Kaga

KAI Kaga – Free Spring/Summer Shuttle Bus

KAI Kaga will provide one free shuttle bus service everyday from Kanazawa Station during this spring and summer season.

From Kanazawa Station to KAI Kaga: Free Spring/Summer Shuttle Bus

Hoshino Resorts KAI Kaga - コピー

The seasonal free shuttle bus operates straight from Kanazawa station to KAI Kaga. You can enjoy both Kanazawa sightseeing and hot springs recreation.

Please refer to below for the schedule

■Available Dates
To KAI Kaga : Mar/11/2018 – Jul/31/2018
*Service will not be available on Apr/17/2018 and between Apr/28 – May/5/2018.

To Kanazawa station : Mar/12/2018 – Aug/1/2018
*Service will not be available on Apr/18/2018 and between Apr/29 – May/6/2018.

■Operating Schedule
<From Kanazawa to KAI Kaga>
2:00 PM: Depart from Kanazawa Station Kanazawa Port Gate (West Exit), group booking parking area
*There is a group bus parking area outside the West Exit, and we will be waiting at this parking lot.
A driver will be holding the plate with [星野リゾート 界 加賀] written on it.
3:00 PM: Arrive at Hoshino Resorts KAI Kaga

< From KAI Kaga to Kanazawa Station>
10:30 AM: Depart from Hoshino Resorts KAI Kaga
11:30 AM: Arrive at Kanazawa Station Kanazawa Port Gate (West Exit), group booking parking area

Free for guests
*Non-guests cannot make a reservation.

■Meeting Point from Kanazawa Station Kangazawa Port Gate (West Exit), group booking parking area Map

KAI Kaga Transportation Map English


*Schedule is subject to change depending on weather and/or road conditions.
*You can eat and drink on the bus, but please do not bother other passengers.
*Smoking is not allowed on the bus.
*The bus will leave on time.
*Please note that the luggage space is limited. If you have a large baggage, we ask you to send them in advance.
*Please keep your valuables to yourself.


Reserve in advance (reservations accepted until 7 PM five days before your arrival date).
Please call our reservation center at +81-50-3786-1144 or send a message to the email address written on your reservation confirmation mail.
※Please make a reservation for the bus five days before your arrival date.
※When the bus gets full, we cannot take any more reservations. If you would like to take a bus, please make sure to reserve your seats as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

■Official website
KAI Kaga:

Book Now  KAI Kaga

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