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Tsukimi Experiences at Hot Spring Ryokans, KAI

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Hoshino Resorts KAI brand ryokans are offering “Tsukimi trips” this autumn season, where you can enjoy a local Tsukimi experience alongside local Japanese sake from September 10th to November 30th, 2018. Guests have the option of 13 different ways to enjoy Tsukimi based on unique local customs such as preparing likenesses of the moon with traditional crafts, etc. Japanese sake will also be prepared to welcome in the season of autumnal drinking.

What is “Tsukimi”?
Tsukimi refers to the long-time Japanese tradition of moon-viewing that began over one thousand years ago in the Heian Era, where nobles would indulge in alcohol, poetry, and music while enjoying the moon’s reflection on the water. In later centuries, people began worshiping the moon and creating offerings made in the likeness of the full moon, such as egg yolks, taro, and eventually confectionery made from rice flour. It became customary for people to eat this confectionery while admiring the moon for prosperity and happiness, and this tradition has continued into the present day.

KAI Alps “Gathering of the Moonlit Night”
 At KAI Alps, enjoy a Tsukimi with Japanese sake from Omachi’s three most prized sake breweries. The circular window of the sunken hearth to the side of the lobby is made up like the moon and prepared in a way that can only be seen during this Tsukimi period. Guests gather around the harmonious hearth and drink Tsukimi sake together. The mood is further enhanced by fireside tales about the moon as told by staff. As the sun sinks below the horizon and the air cools, the warmth of the fire can be felt all the more at this uniquely Shinshu event. (Shinshu Province was located in modern-day Nagano Prefecture.)

Availability: September 10th – October 10th, 2018
Time: 8:00PM – 9:00PM
Venue: Front Building, Hearthside Space

KAI Kaga “A Moon-Viewing Party of Traditional Kaga Crafts”
 KAI Kaga will once again be holding the popular “Tsukimi Tea Party” event where you can admire the moon in the form of specially-made lamps decorated with Kanazawa gold leaf from the region where over 90% of Japan’s domestic gold leaf is produced. We will serve Kurizenzai chestnut sweets and prized local sake, Kikuzake, in sake cups and small bowls made of traditional Yamanaka lacquerware.

Availability: September 10th – November 6th, 2018
Time: 7:00PM – 8:30PM
Venue: Travel Library

KAI Enshu “Intoxicating Fall Encounters: Introduction to ‘Tsukimichake’”
 At KAI Enshu, situated the prime Japanese tea country of Shizuoka Prefecture, you can experience the charm of a sencha tea that changes throughout the seasons. This fall we have prepared Tsukimichake and you can enjoy fall nights with the first Shizuoka green tea of the season combined with Japanese sake in one glass. Tsukimichake is a seasonal drink that combines cold sake with tea and is poured into a glass of round ice cubes that resemble the full moon. You can spend a nice, relaxing time with those close to you as you watch the ice slowly melt into your drink.

Availability: September 10th – November 30th, 2018
Time: 8:45PM – 9:15PM
Venue: Yuagari Lounge & Courtyard *Travel Library when raining

In addition to these locations, there are nine other KAI ryokans participating in the Tsukimi event. You can access more details about every location’s unique Tsukimi activity in our official press release above.

About KAI
Hoshino Resorts KAI Brand ryokans focus on the traditional onsen, or Japanese hot spring, and kaiseki dining experience, offering guests a blissful, relaxing, and authentically Japanese experience. There are 15 KAI ryokans currently operating under Hoshino Resorts. For more information on the KAI Brand, please visit the website.

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