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The outbreak of COVID-19 has an ongoing global affect on all of us. It is during these times that we need to cooperate as much as possible, understanding each other’s challenges and treating everyone with respect and integrity. We need to create enough strength and power to combat the impact of coronavirus.

We are making every possible effort to ensure our guests have a safe and secure stay at our hotels. Such efforts include:
– Addition of heightened disinfection procedures to cleaning of rooms and public areas
– Availability of alcohol-based disinfectants at multiple locations around each property
– Management of health and hygiene of staff members at all of our properties

We will continue to update our actions against the virus and will of course be alert to additional precautionary measures, as necessary.

In addition, as a trusted hotel company with a long-standing history in hospitality, we have several special packages available for guests still wishing to travel.

Work-cation Plan at Karuizawa Area
Karuizawa is about an hour away from Tokyo, an area popular for a second home where there is an abundance of nature, yet still has the functionality and accessibility close to that of the city. Work-cation is the cross between the words “work” and “vacation”, where Karuizawa will be the perfect location to balance out the two necessities. Enjoy the different combinations of work place and leisure!

Work and play at RISONARE
RISONARE is a resort hotel brand for families of all ages that offers refined design and various opportunities to gain experience and knowledge through hands-on activities. Put your city-life on hold by going out into the heart of Japan’s countryside, staying in areas with plentiful fresh air and nature. Whilst the children are occupied with activities, parents can focus on their work, as well as enjoy time off from everyday life.

Cleanse via hot spring healing at KAI
KAI is a brand that offers a traditional ryokan style of accommodation with a modern twist by considering the area’s local culture. Although belief in hot spring healing is less common these days, it has always been a part of Japanese culture – soaking in the naturally mineral-rich baths offers healing and cleansing properties.

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