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HOSHINOYA Bali - Limited Offer Now Available -

HOSHINOYA Bali (Ubud, Bali, Indonesia) offers a perfect relaxation experience in harmony with nature and people, enveloped by the lush green hills of Ubud area. Get our limited offer for domestic residents only, up to 40% discount from regular price.

~ Traditional Balinese culture meets Japanese aesthetics of space ~
A resort located in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, which is the center of Bali culture and art. HOSHINOYA Bali is surrounded by vast nature, where the tropical trees grow in the forest and the Pukurisan River, which appears in Balinese mythology, flows through the valley. There are several settlements in the surrounding area and HOSHINOYA Bali is designed in a way to blend in with the landscape as one of the settlements. Balinese culture and art within dynamic nature can be enjoyed through the gazebo that floats in the valley, a pool that can be entered directly from all of the villas, a dining overlooking the valley, and a villa with traditional local crafts.

A refreshing stay for both body and mind
1) Private space at the Café Gazebo surrounded by a jungle
HOSHINOYA Bali’s Café Gazebo is built 170m above the valley, so guests can take it easy and relax in a private space without worrying about social distancing. As one enters the gazebo, the jungle spreads out before their eyes, making them feel as if they are one with nature. Guests can catch moments of sunrise from across the jungle, the warm and tropical daytimes, or the refreshing breeze. On a quiet evening, as one listens carefully into the darkness, the sounds of birds and insects echoes through the jungle. Whilst enjoying a light meal, desserts, and drinks, guests can encounter the many facets of the jungle, which change depending on the time of day. Especially, the Air Gazebo Breakfast, a picnic-style breakfast, is highly recommended, where the main course is local Balinese desserts “Bubur Injin,” with salad and fruits arranged in a basket.

2) Deep waterside relaxation
In Bali, there is a custom of bathing in water several times a day to maintain cleanliness, so it is common for local villages to have bathing areas. Inspired by this local custom, every villa at HOSHINOYA Bali is connected to a pool, surrounded by lush tropical plants, so that guests can enjoy a soak anytime during their stay. Guests can also spend a relaxing time near the poolside with a refreshment or a book in hand.

3) Culinary travel to genuine Japan
As the first HOSHINOYA brand outside of Japan, HOSHINOYA Bali provides guests a culinary journey to Japan. Japanese chefs carefully prepare genuine Japanese cuisine with delicate Japanese cooking techniques. In addition to the wide range of Japanese, Indonesian, and Western a la carte menus, guests can enjoy a course meal, which is a fusion of French and Balinese with a Japanese essence. The décor, furniture, wall carvings, and dishes, all exhibit the sensibilities of local artisans and Japanese simplicity and contribute to the inviting restaurant space.
*Photo: Sukiyaki

Limited Offer for Local Residents
HOSHINOYA Bali presents a limited offer to domestic travelers. This special package is a maximum of 40% discount from the regular price.Room only
Room type:
– Soka (Garden Pool Villa, Maisonette)
– Bulan (Garden Pool Villa)

Staying period: 1st October – 17th December 2021
1 night : IDR 9,072,000 → IDR 5,443,200 (Taxes & Fees excluded)

Staying period: 18th December 2021 – 10th January 2022
1 night : IDR 10,080,000 → IDR 6,350,400 (Taxes & Fees excluded)

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Details of HOSHINOYA Bali
Email: info_bali@hoshinoya.com
Hotel amenities: Pool, Dining, Spa, Café Gazebo, Library Lounge, Conference Room
Check-in Time: 3:00 pm / Check-out Time: 12:00 pm
Address: Br.Pengembungan, Desa Pejeng Kangin, Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Kabupaten Gianyar 80552 Bali, Indonesia

Safety Measures
Prevention measures indicated in Bali’s provincial health protocols will be carried out at HOSHINOYA Bali. For more information, please visit our website

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