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January 5, 2021

Actions against coronavirus in winter – Reducing the risk of infection via ventilation and humidification

Hoshino Resorts, a hotel management company, operates over 40 properties within and outside of Japan. We will continue to propose travel that avoids the Three C’s (close contact, confined spaces (with poor ventilation), and crowded places), a key word to reduce the risk of infection that has been proposed by the Japanese government, during this time “with corona.” In winter, ventilation and humidification are key elements for actions against the coronavirus and properties of Hoshino Resorts will introduce the use of CO2 measuring devices, and two-stage ventilation specific to the property’s architecture.

Standard of CO2 levels at Hoshino Resorts to be below 800ppm
Hoshino Resorts has decided to set the standard for CO2 levels at public areas to be below 800ppm, after noting that the Japanese government has set the standard to below 1000ppm. The concentration of CO2 in a given space is one indicator for the extent of ventilation so our staff at each property will monitor CO2 levels every hour to ensure a safe environment for our guests. Fluctuations in concentration will be controlled through the below, two-stage ventilation method, as well as the use of electronics while maintaining warmth.
– Property of Interest: All properties in Japan

Two-stage ventilation
“Two-stage ventilation” specific to the property’s architecture will be carried out. This ventilation method is where the outside air enters through a window from an area with no people and after warming the air, this fresh air is brought (via an air circulator) to an area with people. The room temperature will not be affected via this method for outside air is not directly brought into the room.
– Property of Interest: RISONARE Atami, KAI Ito, KAI Sengokuhara

Service in relation to our ventilation efforts: Rental service of Hot water bottles
In times when you feel cold, there will be a rental service of hot water bottles, wrapped in art works by local artists.
– Property of Interest: All KAI properties

For more information about actions against coronavirus in the winter, especially information on humidification, click here: “Actions against coronavirus – Reducing the risk of infection at Hoshino Resorts Winter Edition”

Reference: Actions against coronavirus with respect to the management of health and hygiene at all properties of Hoshino Resorts
>Confirmation of health upon check-in
Our staff will be checking body temperatures and asking for travel histories upon check-in for all guests. If a guest has a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, we will follow the instructions of the public health center and act accordingly, which may result in a withhold of stay.
>Addition of disinfection procedures to the cleaning of rooms and public areas
In particular, for the cleaning of all guest rooms, alkaline electronic water will be used to disinfect areas that are most often touched such as doorknobs, handles of wardrobes and refrigerators, remote controls, switches, etc.
>Availability of alcohol-based disinfectants at multiple locations around a property
>Alcohol-based disinfectants to be used upon arrival at restaurants for all guests
> High-temperature washing (above 80 degrees Celsius) of tableware (plates and glass) and cutlery, and disinfection of trays.
>Masks to be worn by all staff members
>Management of health and hygiene of staff members (checking and recording temperatures before work).