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April 25, 2023

Opening of OMO5 Kumamoto by Hoshino Resorts on April 25, 2023

OMO5 Kumamoto by Hoshino Resorts is scheduled to open on April 25, 2023, in Kumamoto Prefecture, under the brand of city tourism hotel, OMO. The hotel is located on the main street, which is bustling with people and lined with shops owned by dedicated Kumamoto residents. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to fully enjoy the city of Kumamoto, where exciting spots and experiences emerge one after another.

A lively castle town in the center of Kyushu
Kumamoto Castle is one of the best sightseeing spots in Kumamoto City and also one of the most famous castles in Japan. However, the charms of the town around Kumamoto Castle are not well known to visitors from outside the prefecture. The city is home to many new and attractive things, including restaurants and general stores that retain the feel of a castle town but are filled with the unique ideas and commitment of the people of Kumamoto. The hotel is located on the Shitadori/Kamidori shopping street, the main street in the center of the city. We hope that guests can take advantage of the location to experience the charms of the city.

OMO Base – a base camp for your travels
The OMO Base, or the travelers’ fun lounge, is a public space that consists of the OMO Café, the Go-KINJO Map, the front desk, the library, etc. One of the many ways to use this lounge is to have conversations with those familiar and new, enjoy sweets, relax with a book in hand, or lounge after dinner with a drink.

"Deco-Boco terrace" overlooking Kumamoto Castle
The OMO base of the hotel features an outdoor “Deco-Boco terrace” overlooking Kumamoto Castle. Deco-Boco is a Japanese word to describe the bumps and dents of something and was inspired by kuruwa (castle compound and area bounded by walls) of Kumamoto Castle.

Cafe to enjoy breakfast and desserts between city walks
The cafe section of the OMO base will serve breakfast and cafe menus. Original menus with variations of Kumamoto's signature ingredients such as tomatoes and dekopon citrus, as well as the famous mustard lotus root, can be enjoyed.

Room types can be selected according to the purpose of the trip
The hotel offers 160 guest rooms with 8 types, which guests can choose from to suit their travel objectives and companions. The Enaku and the Utsuwa room, are two new twin-room types that are unique to OMO5 Kumamoto. The color of the wallpapers in the guest rooms is inspired by the rich mountains and waterfalls of Kumamoto.

Entaku Room (for 2 persons; 22 square meters)
Entaku meaning round table in Japanese is a room type that features a round table between the two beds. Table by day, partitioned by night, it can function both for comfort and privacy within one space.

Utsuwa Room (for 2 persons; 22 square meters)
Like the rim of a bowl, this room type features tables all along the walls. The entrance side of the room can be used as a desk in combination with a chair whilst the bedroom side functions as a bedside table.

OMO House (for 6 persons; 49 square meters)
The OMO House, which can accommodate up to six people, has two separate bedrooms so guests can stay in a private space even when traveling in groups. With a kitchen to enjoy the gourmet of Kumamoto and a washing machine suitable for long trips, guests can experience a home away from home.

"Go-KINJO" service to enjoy the city to its fullest
Go-KINJO is a service specific to the OMO brand that helps guests to discover the city within walking distance of the hotel and to learn about it through new discoveries and encounters. It consists of neighborhood activities and neighborhood maps.

Neighborhood Activities
Tours and neighborhood lessons of popular sightseeing destinations as well as local gourmet food in the area are planned to be hosted.

Neighborhood Maps
The map is a collection of neighborhood information that is not necessarily included in guidebooks and is collected by our OMO Rangers who know the neighborhood thoroughly. Walk around the city with the latest information and for a fun time.

About OMO5 Kumamoto
Name of property: OMO5 Kumamoto by Hoshino Resorts
Address : 5-1 Tetorihon-cho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto
Number of rooms : 160 rooms (3F to 11F)
Facility: reception, library lounge, shop, cafeteria "OMO Cafe & Bar", locker, laundry, etc.
Starting room rate: 18,000 JPY per night (includes tax)
Direction: About 30 minutes by car from Aso Kumamoto Airport
Scheduled opening date: April 25, 2023

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